Casual New Mexico Engagement

October 20, 2019
Casual New Mexico Engagement

A New Mexico Love Story

Chris and I met in high school, and have been together for quite a while since then. We are both each other’s first real loves. Though our love story is not perfect, we definitely complete each other. We are an example of when opposites attract; He is very go with the flow, witty, and sociable. Whereas I am more of an introvert, I love planning everything, and I like to think I’m funny but I’m probably not. We are very much in love, and learning so much as the years go by. Having your best friend and significant other be the same person is quite a wonderful feeling. Being able to continuously grow and thrive together in any relationship is amazing, and that’s what we have. We elevate one another to try to be the best versions of ourselves. With smiles and laughter, we always find ways to lighten up our days. Somehow there are still surprises along the way, and it’s exciting to think about how many more new things there are that we can learn from each other. The support that we have in our relationship is tremendously important to us and our lifestyle. It’s a good feeling knowing that we are there for each other no matter what comes our way.

– Araceli

Photographer: Crystal Cousin Photo
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