Woody Creek Real Wedding

Woody Creek Wedding at Chaparral Ranch

May 28, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Colorado Wedding

Easton and I have known each other for a long time! We dated 9 years before we got engaged. We both were born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. We went to a small private school together from lower school to high school. I am two years older than him but had several cousins in his grade and always knew of him and he likes to say he didn't know who I was until high school but I know that is wrong...ha!  We did not start dating until our senior and sophomore year of high school. I went to UT Austin and he went to USC. We dated on and off throughout college and then I moved to LA after graduating and that is when everything changed and we knew it was a done deal. Throughout the 9 years of on and off dating, we always were ON in Aspen. Aspen is our special place that we travel to every summer and many times during the fall to stay at their family home in Woody Creek. We even had our first date at Mezzaluna, so it was only fitting to get engaged where it all began... On July 1, 2017, Easton asked me to go down to the river at his home like we always do when we first arrive. This time it was different because he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was a moment I will never forget in a place that meant so much to both of us. We had no doubt in our mind that Aspen was the perfect place to get married and especially in Woody Creek. Our favorite time of year in Aspen is September when all the trees are changing so we chose September 15, 2018. It was the most magical three-day event full of several different parties. It was so incredible having about 250 of our friends and family in the town we love so dearly.

- The Bride, Claire


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