Ways to Let Your Guests Feel Like Locals on Your Wedding Weekend

September 26, 2023
Ways to Let Your Guests Feel Like Locals on Your Wedding Weekend

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Whether you’re getting married in your hometown and your guests are from all over, or you’re having a destination wedding where nobody’s a local, there are a few fun details you can include in your wedding weekend to help your guests experience the full feel of the place you’re getting married in as if they’re a local.  Most of the time during your wedding weekend will be spent doing exactly what you should be doing – celebrating your marriage!  However, there are things you can incorporate in the planning process to allow your guests that are taking the time and effort to travel a chance to experience the location itself on top of your wedding.  Give your guests an entire trip when they travel for your wedding by using some of the personal ideas we put together below!

A “Themed” Invitation Suite

Your invitation suite is one of the first sneak peeks at your wedding day that your guests will see.  If you want them to know you’re planning to play on the feel of the location of your wedding, this is a great way to give them a sign.  For example, if you’re getting married somewhere out west and want your out of town guests to know you intend to embrace the western essence on your wedding weekend, you can include elements like cowboy hats, horseshoes, and longhorns.  Your guests will get the memo and pack their favorite boots for the occasion!

Photography: For the West and Wild | Stationery: Summit and Sage

Favorites List

Whatever your wedding website platform, you should be able to add a section with your very favorite places that guests can visit.  If you’re getting married close to home, list your favorite local breweries, restaurants, and shops that you want to make sure your guests get to experience while in town.  If you’re getting married at a destination, do some research to find local spots that you can include on your website for guests to visit.  If you’re getting married somewhere that’s really special to you as a couple, make sure you list some spots that have been important in the relationship (a favorite date spot!) so your guests can picture you there!

Welcome Bags

Whether you’re at home or on an island somewhere, you’ll be having a lot of guests traveling in and staying at hotels.  One extra personal thing you can do is put together a welcome bag to be delivered to your guests’ hotel rooms.  The bag can include goodies like treats from the area’s local restaurants and shops, koozies with your wedding date and the city name, and a rideshare code so they can travel around easily.  If you’re having a beach destination wedding, include some sunglasses and sunscreen in the welcome bag.  If you’re getting married here in the Rockies, include a map of the closest hiking trails and maybe a cute hat from the souvenir shops to help them keep the sun off during their hikes!

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A Group Activity

The celebrations inside venues throughout the wedding weekend are so great to give to your guests, and a beautiful way to spend quality time with them and treat them during their trip to watch you tie the knot.  However, an additional great way to get quality time – that will also allow guests to really experience the location outside of wedding activities – is to plan a group activity with your guests.  If you’re getting married in the Rockies, schedule a group hike to do with your guests so they can get the chance to see the natural beauty and take photos in the mountains before going back home.  This can even be in place of a traditional welcome party or rehearsal dinner.

With Megs

A Welcome Party at a Local Spot

Speaking of welcome parties, host a welcome party before your wedding festivities begin at a favorite local spot.  Choose a brewery or distillery you love or host the event at gorgeous local park.  Your guests can spend time with you before things get super busy AND they can explore the best spots in town!

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Day-of Details

Just like with your invitation suite, you can incorporate some elements of your wedding location into your day-of details.  Instead of traditional table numbers for your seating arrangements, each table can be a different place you love in the area, trail you’ve hiked, or plant that’s local to the area.  You can get creative with your signature cocktail names to include the area, or even decorate with subtle details like certain colors or fonts throughout that remind your guests they’re in the mountains or at the beach!  For example (as pictured below), Just Lovely Weddings created an escort display for Allison & Jimmy’s wedding at El Rey Court in Santa Fe, New Mexico – the couple used this to play on the feel of the old school Southwestern motor court vibe that the venue holds and remind guests that they’re in historical Santa Fe off of old Route 66.

Design: Just Lovely Weddings | Photography: Chellsie Michael Photography

Happy travels, Rocky Mountain readers!  We hope you and your guests have so much fun wherever you choose to get married, but we especially hope your guests have an even more memorable experience with these personal little local details you can add.  For more inspo on ways to incorporate the Rockies in your wedding, check out out most recent issue of the Rocky Mountain Bride National issue!

The Bride’s Planning Guide to a perfect Rocky Mountain Wedding
  • The Bride’s Planning Guide to a perfect Rocky Mountain Wedding

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