Subtle Trends for the Stylish Bride

April 6, 2023
Subtle Trends for the Stylish Bride

Featured Photo: Hayden and Megan |  RMB Utah Fall/Winter 2022 Issue

Sometimes, the subtle trends are the ones that stand out – and stand the test of time.  Some bridal fashion trends we’ve been seeing lately have lasted a couple of years, and we think may become “classic” after all. Some are even old trends that have been made new (meaning now you just need your something borrowed & something blue)!  Check out our list below of the subtle ways we’ve seen brides show off their style.

Veil Embroidery

Veils are often an understated part of the bridal look – so we loved when dainty pearl details turned veils into a fashion statement.    Now, we’re starting to see the classic, simple veil with a different dainty detail – personal stitching/embroidery.  Whether it’s your new last name, your wedding date, or a quote that fits your personality, this detail on the veil might not be super obvious at first glance, but will leave your guests talking after you walk down the aisle.  We’ve even seen celebrity brides take part in this trend, so it probably won’t stay subtle for long! 

Photography: Josie Brooks Photography

The Slicked Back Up-Do

Slicked back hair has taken the fashion world by storm, and brides are using this trend to subtly show off their chic personality on their wedding day.  We love this understated look because a simple hair style means there’s even more focus on your gorgeous face!  To make the look more delicate, some brides have been adding hair gems and pearls (so cute!).

Photography: Vfineeemoments

Transitional Dresses

Sometimes “subtle” means “mysterious”, and we love a bride with a little mystery.  Your guests may not know that your cape or sleeves are removable, giving you a chance to casually change looks half way through the day.  

Photography: Orange Photographie | Featured: RMB Montana 2022 Issue

Tiny Purses

Lately we’re obsessed with tiny little accessories, and the small beaded purse trend is such a subtle statement piece.  We know that sounds like an oxymoron, but delicate things can make a statement too!  One of our recent favs is this fun little gal from Show Me Your Mumu.

I Do Bag | Show Me Your Mumu


Bows are a pretty little trend we’ve seen resurface as of late, and we can’t get enough of them!  Brides have been wearing bows in their hair, bows on their backs, and shoes with tiny little bows.  

Photography: Jacilyn M | Featured: RMB National V8 Issue


This timeless trend is back and gives brides that elusive, mysterious (can we say sexy?) look.   We’ve seen satin gloves, lace gloves, and even sheer gloves with cute details, so this subtle trend is one that you can still get creative with and show off your individual style.

Photography: Hayden and Megan | Featured: RMB Utah Fall/Winter 2022 Issue

Glazed Nails

Nails are the perfect subtle way to show off your style – it’s such a small part of your wedding day look, but makes all the difference.  There’s obviously nothing wrong with bold nail colors, we love a bold bride too!  But – if you don’t want a bright nail color to take any focus away from the rest of your bridal look, the popular glazed (or chrome) nails in neutral colors gives brides just a little bit more of a glisten in an understated way.

Photography: Haley Rynn Ringo

Dare we say, that you can still *slay* in an understated way?!  The Rocky Mountain bride below sure knows how to be a subtle trend setter, and we hope this list can help you be one too!


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