Plan the Perfect Rocky Mountain Surprise Proposal

September 18, 2020
Plan the Perfect Rocky Mountain Surprise Proposal

Planning a proposal can be stressful, which means making it a surprise adds another element of stress. You might be searching for the perfect Rocky Mountain location, photographer, and ring to complete your perfect proposal. Luckily, we chatted with Colorado wedding photographer, Ashlee Crowden Photography, to compile some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to planning the perfect surprise proposal. 

Choosing a Photographer

This is a special moment in your life, which makes choosing a photographer to capture your engagement all the more important. You also want to choose someone that’s willing to hide or get uncomfortable in order to keep the moment a surprise. Ashlee recommends, “If you are overwhelmed and need tips, ASK your photographer! Odds are they have done a few of these and have some tips for you.” 


Location, location, location! 

Luckily, the Rocky Mountains are not in short supply of beautiful proposal spots. You’ll want to pick a location that is meaningful to you and your spouse-to-be or a place with beautiful views. Don’t forget to communicate the plan with your photographer! Pick a place well in advance, scope it out and ‘drop a pin’ with your phone so the photographer knows exactly where you are. Go the extra mile and tell them what you plan on wearing, so they know they are in the right spot to capture the moment. 

Photographer’s Advice: “My advice would be to do a place that is special to you two as a couple and that doesn’t have a lot of random people walking around. Joe-schmo doesn’t always care about your romantic moment and has no issue walking or standing in and ruining the vibe.”

Pop the Champagne  + Celebrate!

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for: the actual proposal. Invite close friends and family to join in on the festivities, in secret, of course, to make the moment even more special for you and your spouse to be.

Photographer’s Advice: “Keep the party going! Plan a fun dinner with your new-soon to be in-laws and friends!” 

This moment is special for you as a couple, so make sure to add little touches that are sentimental. If you want to go the extra mile, hire a videographer so you have photos and video of the proposal. And of course, don’t forget to pop the champagne – you’re engaged! 

Once you’re ready to start your forever, we’ve made it easy for you to plan the perfect Rocky Mountain Wedding by compiling our best planning tips + tricks!

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Photographer: Ashlee Crowden Photography
The Bride’s Planning Guide to a perfect Rocky Mountain Wedding
  • The Bride’s Planning Guide to a perfect Rocky Mountain Wedding

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