Wedding Dress Shopping 101 | Wedding Planning

May 24, 2019
Wedding Dress Shopping 101 | Wedding Planning

Wedding dress shopping is a very exciting process. However, it can quickly become overwhelming when you consider you’re about to say “yes” to the gown for your here comes the bride moment. That’s why we teamed up with Sheri Kaiser, owner of Casa Bianca Bridal in Littleton, Colorado to share 10 tips for having the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience. Follow these tips and we guarantee you’ll have a good time!

One: Cancellation

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please do so as soon as you know so that other brides who may be on a waitlist can have your appointment time. Bridal boutiques understand conflicts may arise, so just be honest and upfront!

Two: Finding the One

If you find your gown at another boutique, it is okay…really! Ultimately, we all want brides-to-be to find the gown that they feel confident in whether it comes from our shop or not. We’re all rooting for you to find the perfect dress. But, if you say “yes” to a dress and still have other appointments lined up, it’s important to cancel with any other boutiques you may have appointments with.

Three: Payment

Before you attend any appointments, know who is paying for your gown and how they are paying for it. Sometimes you don’t expect to find the gown, but you should still be fully prepared to purchase the gown otherwise it could lead to an awkward moment. Consider asking the boutique when scheduling your appointment how they accept payments so if you do say “yes” you are prepared.


Four: Budget

Make sure you know your budget and the maximum you’re willing to spend on a gown. Then, be sure to share that information with anyone coming to your appointment. Many guests will want to see you in gowns that may be out of your budget and cause anxiety for you. Utilizing open communication will allow you to ensure everyone is on the same page. Stylists will always advocate for the bride’s wishes so it’s important they are aware of the final budget too. If friends, family or bridesmaids need a reminder, the stylist can step in.

Five: Shopping on your Own

If you are easily overwhelmed, consider visiting boutiques on your own to pick your favorite gowns. Then, bring back your support system to see only your favorites. Often having multiple opinions in the room can be overwhelming, especially if everyone has a different vision for you. At the end of the day, you’re the one wearing the gown. Just because someone falls in love with a gown on you, doesn’t mean you have to say “yes” to it.

Six: Support System

Bring a supportive group with you! Numbers don’t matter, as long as the group is positive and supportive of the bride’s wishes. It may be important to take into consideration if people are overly vocal about their opinions. If this will overwhelm you, inviting them may not be the right choice for you. And, it’s totally okay if you just want to come with your mom, sister or best friend! You’re not required to invite your entire bride tribe.

Some boutiques cannot allow large groups, so it’s always important to ask upon booking if they limit the number of guests.

Seven: Your Vision

If your stylist asks you if you have a favorite gown, tell them the truth and show her/him a picture. If the goal is to see if you can beat a gown, even if it’s from another boutique, then share the photo! The ultimate goal is to say “yes” so if you already know your likes and dislikes, be upfront so the stylist can focus in on your vision and utilize their expertise to provide you a valuable appointment. And, yes, even if that means you go back to another boutique to buy a gown! Stylists want to help you achieve your vision, so open communication is key!


Eight: Saying Yes

If you find the one, stop shopping. Seriously! Once you purchase your gown, stop looking. We mean it! There will always be beautiful gowns available and you will only cause more headache and doubt to yourself if you continue to shop/look.

Nine: Doubt

That being said, if you do have doubt for any reason, do not feel any pressure to buy the gown. Don’t let a sale, a deposit to “hold” the gown, or your timeline be reasons just to buy. When you’ve found the one, you will know. You should never buy a wedding dress just because the stylist or your support system tells you to.

Ten: Be True to You

Every bride is different. Remember that. Some brides-to-be know right away, some need to leave no stone unturned, and some just need time to process. All of these methods are okay. Never feel like you need to have the same experience as your best friend, sister, or the bride standing next to you on the pedestal. Have your moment when it feels right to you and you alone!

Wedding dress shopping is unique to everyone! The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

Ready to book an appointment to try on gowns? Request an appointment at Casa Bianca Bridal here.

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