12 Questions to Ask About Your Wedding Photography

June 2, 2022
12 Questions to Ask About Your Wedding Photography

Deciding on your wedding photography can be one of the most significant decisions when planning your big day. We recently sat down with photographer Katie Fletcher of Katie Fletcher Photography to chat with her about questions couples should ask before signing a photo contract. 

1. What is Your Photography Style?

“If you’ve been looking for wedding photographers, you’ve probably already noticed that everyone has a creative style. There is no “one photo fits all” for wedding photography, which is great! Because that means you can find a photographer that matches your wedding style – whether it’s classy and elegant or a barefoot boho elopement.”

2. Do You Carry Back-Up Equipment?

“If your wedding photographer answers ‘no’ to this question, that is a major red flag! We cannot document your day without our equipment, so having a backup is essential.” 

3. What Kind of Ceremonies Do You Feel Most Comfortable Shooting?

“If you are planning a small mountain elopement, there are wedding photographers who specialize in just adventure elopements. The same goes for big weddings; some photographers only focus on larger-scale events. Ensure you and your potential photographer are on the same page regarding what kind of ceremony you will be having. Like everything else in life, photographers have a niche, and it will make the experience better for everyone if you are all on the same page!”

4. What is Your Delivery Time for Galleries?

“It is very common and normal to be impatient for wedding photos! As a photographer, I totally get the excitement! Everyone has their own timeline, but the industry standard is 6-8 weeks for a full gallery turnaround. Sneak peeks typically come much quicker. 

I always ensure to provide a sneak peek to my couples the day after their wedding so they can share the photos with friends and family! I also offer expedited gallery delivery for an additional fee.”

5. How Do You Go About Making Someone Feel Comfortable in Front of The Camera? 

“If you aren’t used to getting your pictures taken, wedding photos can be intimidating! The best thing to do is talk to your photographer about how they approach this. 

Most photographers are pros at turning awkward, stiff photos into a natural flow. Usually, I like to start with some cheesy jokes to lighten the mood! From there, we begin with very basic poses that anyone can do. Once you feel comfortable, I love to include fun little prompts and interactions between the couple that brings out the natural moments!”

6. Are You Comfortable Shooting in a Location That May Have Challenging Lighting?

“If you plan to have a ceremony in a location where natural light might be scarce (like a barn or a church), ask the photographer about their comfort level and experience working in similar settings. Even if you plan to get married at golden hour, your reception will probably last well past sunset. 

I love shooting in unique lighting! But it’s not every photographer’s preference.”

7. How Do You Structure Your Pricing? Is Travel Included?

“Every photographer has different packages, taxes, and fees. Some photographers include all travel in their base fee, while others add it as an additional cost based on the exact location of your event. There is no right or wrong way for pricing! Mainly, it’s just the photographer’s preference. 

When you chat with your potential photographer, it’s really important to understand their pricing structure. That way, when you receive your quote, there is no sticker shock or confusion!”

8. Is an Engagement session Included?

“Like the above question, some photographers include an engagement session in their package, and some choose not to. If you are also interested in an engagement session, ask your photographer if they have a package that includes it. Even if they don’t have a package, you can almost always add it as an a-la-carte option!” 

9. How Do You Approach a Wedding Day? What if Something Goes Wrong?

There is a lot of prep leading up to a wedding day! Of course, we can’t control everything, and being a wedding photographer is all about adapting and problem-solving. 

I do a few different things to ensure I am as prepared as possible before heading to a wedding. 

  • Have my couple fill out a questionnaire: This is a very detailed questionnaire that I study AND carry with me throughout the entire wedding day. 
  • Communication: Communication is truly key with couples. Having an outdoor wedding, but the forecast looks rainy? I’ll be texting you and researching solutions to develop a backup plan days before your ceremony. 
  • Backup Photographers: Just in case anything unexpected would occur that would limit me from being able to shoot your wedding, I have a network of photographers who can fill in so you would never be left hanging. 

10. Are You Insured?

“This is another vital question that always needs to be asked to your potential photographer. Many venues require their photographer to be insured, and photographers should ALWAYS have insurance! It is probably the first thing a photographer needs to do after starting their business.”

11. Do You Have a Wedding Gallery With Examples?

“Every wedding photographer should have a gallery that is easily accessible on their website. A gallery is the best way to see if your photographer’s style matches your overall vision for your wedding day. 

If you are getting married in a popular location that the photographer has shot before, also ask if they have an example for your specific venue to view. If couples ever ask to see additional photos, I am always happy to help out!” 

12. Do You Have a Second Shooter? Is that an Option to Add?

Second-shooters are typically an add-on to a wedding photography package and are commonly an additional cost. However, second shooters provide a lot of benefits! They can help capture multiple angles of your ceremony and those extra special moments (like the first kiss). 

I shoot most weddings on my own, but if a couple would like to have a second shooter, I am always happy to chat about adding that to their package!” 

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