Vibrant and Cheerful Fall Engagement

March 20, 2021
Vibrant and Cheerful Fall Engagement

Idaho Engagement 

The Couple 

Hannah + Trevor

Trevor saw my plaque in 2017 and knew he wanted to ask me out – since I was still on my mission, he waited. He remembered my face and my name and kept an eye out for me. When I got back, he saw I was dating someone else, so he waited some more. After that relationship, I decided to get a dating app. I flicked through a lot of people and dated around here and there but no one was really sticking out to me. I saw Trevor’s profile and had actually swiped down on him (more than once because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted). I saw his picture come up again and decided to swipe up on him. We matched. The moment he saw me on there he swiped up hoping I would match with him. We went on one date and then he left to Lake Powell for almost a month with his family.

Our second date was at the caves past the sand dunes. It was so dark in the cave and he didn’t even think to tell me to bring a flashlight. He was leading the way and I was following pretty close to him because he had the flashlight. I’m pretty tall and ended up hitting my head on the cave ceiling, which resulted in the worst concussion I’ve ever had. I thought that was a sign to ditch Trevor, but I’m so glad I didn’t!

Our love story is anything but glamorous, but it is one full of love, empathy and real emotion. I don’t know how I could have survived 2020 without Trevor, and now we get to start 2021 as a married couple. I could not imagine a better start to a year. Every New Years Eve hereafter will be a count down to our anniversary.

– Bride, Hannah

Photographer: Kortnee Carlile Photography
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