Sparkling Jordan Pines Engagement

December 5, 2020
Sparkling Jordan Pines Engagement

Utah Engagement

The Couple 

Mandi + Michael

We met when we were 15 years old. He liked me and asked me to prom (and was my first date ever!). I was totally clueless and tried to set him up with everyone, and we got super close during that time. We always went and for burgers and bagels together at lunch. It was a friend group joke that he hasn’t kissed anyone, so we made this rock, paper, scissors bet where the loser had to kiss him. So I lost (but really won in the end) and kissed him. We ended up writing weekly for the entire span of his mission. We were close before, but those emails got really deep and made a connection between us unlike any other. But we were both scared of losing each other as friends/getting hurt, so we kind of friend zoned each other. We When he came home, I was dating someone. However, seeing Michael again broke my heart because I didn’t want to lose our relationship, so I chose our friendship over the relationship I was in (kind of savage—but Michael was my future husband!!). Two hours after the break up, Michael and I went for a drive as friends, and after I vowed I wouldn’t get in a relationship unless It had what me and Michael had as friends first. Of course my friends were quick to tell me my logic sucked as one pointed out “You know what you want, you’re just too afraid to go for it.”  After that roast I asked Michael on a date cause he was what I wanted for 2 years! The risk was totally with it when I found out he’d liked me since we teenagers.

– Bride, Mandi

Photographer: Paige Mckenzi Photography
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