RMB Real Weddings: Table Mockup

October 14, 2020
RMB Real Weddings: Table Mockup

Table Mockup
Written By Carly Wilde of Milk Glass Productions

If you’re new around here, Carly has been sharing her wedding planning journey from taste testing and asking her friends to be bridesmaids to their engagement party and beyond. Next up, Carly is sharing her tips for tablescape mockups!

Carly here! Back again with more wedding advice for you to be able to plan the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. You may have considered what to do for your makeup and beauty routine for your wedding, but what about your tablescape mockup? I’m sharing 3 tips to ensuring you have the tablescape that even Pinterest boards dream of having!

One: Have Options

For most brides, they know what they want or what they think they want. However, once you see it all come together, there is always room for improvement. What looks good on a Pinterest board might not come together exactly as expected. I always recommend having a few options on hand at the time of your mockup (linens, flatware, and floral, etc.) to play with to make sure everything is just how you dreamt it up. This is especially true when you won’t be setting it up yourself, and you must leave it in someone else’s hands.

Utilize the time during your mockup to find out what details are clashing and what details complement each other. From there, determine if you need to add more details or take away some. A few questions you may consider asking yourself:

Does it match the atmosphere or theme of the reception?

Does the silverware go with the style of the plates?

Are the centerpieces exactly what you imagined?

By having multiple options at your mockup, you can address any and all issues regarding your tablescape including the floral, rentals, stationery, candles, and more.

Two: Take Photos

What does your tablescape look like on camera? Just because it looks good in person, doesn’t mean it will transfer to images. Tablescapes appear in more photos than you’d expect, so checking that red flowers don’t show up as orange on an iPhone camera is more important than you may think. I also recommend taking photos from different angles. If you’re unsure about a specific aspect of the design, you’ll have multiple photos and angles to reference.

Pro tip: Take numerous photos of the final design to ensure it is set up properly on your big day!

Three: Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

A mockup should likely take place in plenty of time before the wedding. That way, time is given to the couple to debate and change whatever they need; lay it all out on the table, pun intended! Don’t be afraid to add or subtract to the tablescape or even try something completely different. There’s a lot of components that go onto the table so trial and error is okay.

As a planner, I thought I knew what I wanted tablescape-wise. So I waited until the last minute to throw everything together as I was in the middle of a busy wedding season. Similar to most brides who lead busy lives. When an emergency came up during my final mockup, I was lucky enough to have my lead planner take over and get the job done. Even as a wedding planner myself, I too had a lot of changes to make. A lesson learned. Do not put yourself in this situation. Plan a tablescape mockup well in advance to help prevent something similar from happening to you. 

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For more tablescape inspiration, follow the Rocky Mountain Bride Pinterest page.

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