10 Questions with Head Designer of Sottero and Midgley Bridal

March 15, 2021
10 Questions with Head Designer of Sottero and Midgley Bridal

We have an exclusive interview with head designer Kelly Midgley or Sottero and Midgley Bridal.

We’re in a lifelong commitment to bridalwear. It all started in Sydney, Australia twenty years ago when Maggie Sottero wedding gowns were first imagined.“Family-owned” is a rare modifier these days, so it’s been a true to kin and collaboration since Day 1. Lesley Margaret (“Maggie”) Webster assumed the name of “Maggie Sottero” in honor of her great grandmother. Her legacy continues to honor Maggie Sottero’s five-generation legacy of passion artistry and innovation in the wedding industry. Lesley’s daughter, Kelly Midgley, followed in her footsteps by establishing two additional labels. Sottero and Midgley were born for the chic and statement-making bride. Rebecca Ingram embodied another family name and made the trio of collections complete with its timeless gowns at affordable prices.

1. What is the legacy of the company?

We established ourselves as a leader in the bridal industry with our incomparable fit, as some call it, “The Maggie Magic”. Our signature corset, thoughtful structure, impeccable boning, and attention to detail is what put Maggie on the map! This legacy of fit still reigns strong today in our construction and pattern making to transcend modern styles and silhouettes!

2. How did you get into designing bridal and did you always think you were going into the family business?

I first stepped into design over 15 years ago with the greatest teachers and mentors; my mother and grandmother.  Growing up, I was immersed in the bridal world, as it was always business in the car, business at the dinner table, and everywhere in between.  After living it and breathing it my whole childhood, I didn’t think I wanted to go into the family business.  But, there was an undeniable draw back to it all the time.  I always wanted to know how things were going and how the maggie family was doing.  I loved being around it and I loved the people that worked with us.  Eventually, I couldn’t resist.  I am lucky to be surrounded by my family (both literal and professionally), cutting-edge designs, fashion, and love every day!

3. Any special advice your mother taught you?

My mother and grandmother taught me how to be a strong and successful woman in business.  One piece of advice that has always stuck with me is to believe in my own capabilities!  Many times, women are taught to behave a certain way in order to not come across as bossy, controlling, whatever it may be.  But my mother always encouraged me to go after my goals, be the first one to reach out, celebrate my career wins, and learn from my lows.

We love a good mother-daughter getting ready moment! Check out more of this wedding in our Denver Wedding Guide.

Photo by: Karra Leigh Photo

4. Describe the overall vision of Sottero and Midgley, how did it come about?

We established Sottero and Midgley after we saw a market need for upscale, couture gowns for the glamorous bride looking for a one-of-a-kind statement at a very attainable price-point. 

5. What are the different types of brides you think about when designing this collection?

Sottero and Midgley is made for the chic and unique bride. We’re inspired by trendsetters, those who are not afraid to push the envelope on bridal fashion.  Brides wishing to evoke a head-turning, ultra-glam moment, who sees the aisle as her red carpet, is who we thought about when designing this collection.

6. What inspired the theme of the present collection?

Our Fall 2021 Sottero and Midgley collection was inspired by glamour and its many forms – a bold lip, sleek stilettos, clinking crystal ware, and couture wedding dresses.  You can find the many facets of elegance in our newest collection for the chic and unique bride. 

7. Can you share some of the processes for designing a collection?

Designing a collection is an all-encompassing process.  First, you have to have your ear to the ground.  What are the emerging trends?  What are brides wanting to see?  What are the current market needs?  What can we do that is new and exciting?  What is inspiring us at the moment?  I truly have the best design team in the world, so we come together to answer these questions and get to work on creating the latest and greatest collection!

8. What is Sottero and Midgley known for that brides want to wear it?

Sottero and Midgley are known for couture gowns with trend-setting features. Sottero and Midgley collections are no stranger to bold statement sleeves, sexy backs, luxurious fabrications, incomparable fit, and unexpected illusions.

9. Tell us about the style quiz?

Our style quiz allows brides to start their dream dress journey right on our website. Brides answer fun questions about their wedding vision like their venue vibe, favorite gown features, and desired budget.  Based on these answers, we curate a few gowns that we think the bride will love.  Brides can then use our handy store locator to find a local authorized retailer near them that carries the style!

Take the Style Quiz here to find your perfect dress!

10. What sizes are these gowns available in and do the samples get shipped to stores in various sizes?

We proudly offer gowns in sizes 0-28 to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our brides. Our authorized retailers then select their desired sample sizes for their boutique for brides to try on in-person. 

-Kelly Midgley Head Designer of Maggie Sottero and Midgley


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