Love on the Lake Engagement Session

June 11, 2023 BY: Bailey

“Keeping a secret like a surprise proposal is a job in itself for anyone, keeping it from Alesha aka: Ms. Nosey is almost impossible. But little did she know she was in for the biggest surprise of her life as we boarded the plane for Nashville I had this planned for months unknowingly to her, secretly asking permission from her Grandfather and Mother, choosing and purchasing the perfect ring, and calling months in advance to places in Nashville to formulate the best proposal I could think of. I planned a nice dinner trying to keep a lid on it all day as to not give anything away, this was just the beginning of the evening. After dinner the plan was to walk to a local Honky-Tonk and pull Alesha on stage for the big question. As it goes in Nashville though, the dinner went a little long and the bright lights being a huge distraction on the walk over, we barely made it in the door on time before I was scheduled to be on stage! This didn’t help the nerves much at all as there was barely enough time to down one beer before the monumental task of getting on stage. At the precise time of 9:00pm I was called on stage by the band, while now my mind was going a million miles an hour trying to remember what I had planned to say. I first called Alesha, and then I called again, and then I called again, she had to be escorted to the front of the stage to see I was the one calling her name, there was almost another Alesha that wanted to get up there at first! Once she saw me on stage of course she refused to go up the stairs as I have a habit of pulling “pranks” on her often, she was thinking it was just another one of those. But once she was given a slight nudge she climbed on stage. That’s when I got onto one knee and laid out all the lines I had memorized before hand, almost perfectly. During this exchange of words Alesha managed to drop to her knees as well, lower then me some how. After I had asked her to be my wife she could hardly get the word “Yes” out of her mouth. The band proceeded to play our favorite slow dance song “Joy of My Life” by Chris Stapleton and the crowd erupted into cheers and applause! Alesha continued to cry and forgot how to 2 step almost altogether. This was a happy moment that we were able to share with our family and friends across the world via a live stream the honky-tonk had setup. This is just the beginning of a life filled of love for us.”

– Nohlan, the groom to be

Photographer: Carlos Vincente Photography Beauty: Studio XO

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