We Love These Stress-Free Wedding Tips From Vancouver’s Top Wedding Planners

February 23, 2023
We Love These Stress-Free Wedding Tips From Vancouver’s Top Wedding Planners

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When you reflect on the days spent planning your wedding, they should be memories filled with joy & nostalgia.

Too often, couples pressure themselves to ‘do it all’ during this monumental time. Soon enough, they learn that planning a wedding, working full time, and keeping up with life’s curveballs can quickly turn an exciting time into a stressful one.

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Say Events, a leading wedding planning company in Vancouver & the lower mainland, has seen it time and time again. Started by two industry professionals who spent years working in the catering business, they noticed that with the growth and evolution of unique weddings came uncharted territories of how to book, plan, and source for the wide variety of elements needed on a wedding day. That’s why they started their wedding planning company, to help brides & grooms seeking fun, funky and unique wedding days achieve their dreams without sacrificing their sanity.

Better yet, they started it with the classic couple in mind. When we hear the words ‘wedding planner,’ we often associate them with ‘lavish,’ ‘extravagant,’ and ‘expensive.’ And although those terms can describe a truly incredible wedding day, Say Events focuses more on what they call the ‘rock N. roll’ couple. Those who not only want a well-planned wedding but one with a bit of extra flair. Those who have big ideas, some of which might be a bit quirky, but who want to enjoy their time engaged without additional stresses that come with self-planning.

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We recently sat down with Say Events to get their top tips for a stress-free and unforgettable wedding.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

Have you ever taken on too many projects at once and realized you need more time & energy in your life? Yeah, we see that a lot with weddings! Especially when you’re a working professional, planning a wedding can feel like another full-time job. Wedding planners are a fantastic way to get the wedding of your dreams without feeling completely burnt out when your big day arrives. 

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2. Leave the Gruntwork to Professionals

Some couples ask their family and friends to assist with tasks such as coordinating, setting up, or taking down decor to save money. However, it’s great to let them relax and enjoy celebrating the day with you. Leave the grunt work to the professionals. We love the grunt work! We do it every week, so giving a task to a guest can be daunting if they don’t perform the tasks all the time. In addition, when things don’t go smoothly, you are the first phone call. It’s added stress for everyone, when the cost of labour is so small on the grand scale. If you want to give them a task, ask them to take polaroids for the guestbook or write a heartfelt speech.

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3. Eliminate the ‘What-Ifs’

It can be easy to let your mind wander to all the what-ifs on a wedding day. What if it rains? What if someone is running late? What if I spill something on my dress? If there’s anything we’ve learned from working on weddings is that, yes, small stuff can happen, but at the end of the day, those things turn out to be so minuscule. Instead of thinking of all the things that could happen, focus on all the beautiful things that will happen. 

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4. Laughter is the Best Medicine

When things get stressful, take a deep breath, give yourself a minute to feel all the feels, and then remember that in the grand scheme of things, you’ll probably look back and laugh at these little moments. One of the best things about getting married is that you have a partner to lean on for support every step of the way. 

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5. Book Early

To avoid stressors related to vendors and venues, booking early is key. If there are specific venues you have in mind, reach out immediately to see available dates for your wedding year. Post-COVID, many vendors are booking up a year in advance for Saturdays. If you do notice that availability is already taken for your wedding date, we fully encourage weekday weddings! Not only can they be cheaper, but they also ensure you have a wedding anniversary date few others share! 

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Contact Say Events here to learn more or inquire about a wedding.


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