Trend Alert: High Flash Photography

December 11, 2022
Trend Alert: High Flash Photography

Much like fashion, wedding trends come and go. From extravagant 90s headband veils (think Rachel Green in Friends) to the “bigger is better” mentality of the 80s, certain styles become associated with certain time periods. Lately, we’ve noticed a clear shift toward high-flash photography, especially when it comes to the wedding reception. Like so many other art forms (vinyl records and film photography, just to name a few), what’s old is, of course, becoming new again. 

If you’re a 90s baby, then this style of photography probably speaks to you. Photographers like Mark Cohen used this kind of approach in his art. A bright flash has a way of invoking a feeling of authenticity—it’s real, it’s raw. It takes you back to your girlfriend’s living room, where you used to sip wine, play games and revel in really warm and bright moments. When it comes to wedding photography, this is a style that SO many couples are opting in for. Depending on the photographer, setting, styling and couple, these kinds of photos can even pay homage to the early 1900s, looking more vintage in nature. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite high-flash photos from a number of Canadian photographers, below, to give you the ultimate inspiration hub!

  1. Jackie Kalch

Jackie Kalch’s artistic style utilizes a lot of light play—contrasting colours, high-flash, black and white. We love how this photo is a little bit classic and a little bit vintage. It’s so rich that you can almost feel the emotion swirling around the room. 

  1. Bryttanni

Every time we see Bryttanni’s photos, we can’t help but become enthralled with the moment that she captured. This one just screams timeless elegance! The 1920s are most definitely calling. 

  1. Sue Moodie Photography

Two separate weddings, each with a feeling that is beautiful, unique and tailored to each couple. While Sue’s style features a bright flash, these photos have a distinct feeling to them from the last two. Can you guess? They play down the vintage aspect and actually communicate a more modern feel. We love them all!

  1. Tara Glenn Photography

Yes, this photo gives off major high-flash vibes, but it also gives a nod to the forgotten days of film photography. The combination is an absolute dream! We especially love the shadow profile that is being illuminated on the wall. Another element of Tara’s distinct photo style is movement—between the whimsical warm tones, photo blurs, high-flash and film grain, each photo is a true work of art.

  1. Iannone Photography

A little bit spicy, a whole lot of sweet. Similar to Tara Glenn, Iannone’s style highlights more natural tones like tan and green. When looking at this photo, we see an almost sepia-toned photo, one that transports us straight back in history. 

From all of these photos, you can see how much style can vary from photographer to photographer, even if they’re using the same method of photography. This trend isn’t just reserved for the wedding reception, but you can also bring in a high-flash style for your bachelorette or engagement photos! These days, couples are loving this kind of approach alongside casual everyday wear for a more fuss-free, lived-in look to their engagement pics. Peruse through these photographers’ feeds to curate your ideal moodboard, and don’t forget to search our vendors here for more photography ideas!

Photographer: Jackie Kalch Photographer: Bryttanni Photography Photographer: Sue Moodie Photography Photographer: Iannone Photography Photographer: Tara Glenn Photography
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