RMB Real Weddings: Beauty Prep for the Big Day

September 23, 2020
RMB Real Weddings: Beauty Prep for the Big Day

Beauty Prep
Written By Carly Wilde of Milk Glass Productions

Hey, it’s Carly here again with Milk Glass Productions coming up for air after the big day!

If you’re new around here, Carly has been sharing her wedding planning journey from taste testing and asking her friends to be bridesmaids to their engagement party and beyond. Next up, Carly is sharing the steps she took to prep my hair, skin, and teeth for her wedding day!

Before vowing to be with the one you’ll love forever, consider vowing to make your smile shine bright and skin glow, too! Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, not only for their loved ones to see but to be able to look back at the memories and feel satisfied with the way she looked. Follow along as I share how I prepped my skin and smile for my big day including a few tips, too!

Skin Care

Most of my beauty preparations were through Renu Laser and Skin Care in Littleton, Colorado. Lynn Pattishall gave me really great skin tips throughout the process. One of Lynn’s biggest pieces of advice was timing. She said, “giving more time to treat your skin will give you better results, but for a last-minute bride, you can’t go wrong with a hydrafacial and an IPL for the most impact.” I was happy to try new things to see what really works and I cannot wait to share what I discovered.


Six Months Out

I used microneedling as a way to rejuvenate my skin. Fine needles are punctured into the skin to create a microwound. The microwounds alarm the body that they need to be healed, therefore the skin produces new collagen and elastin, reducing scars and improving the hydration of the skin. 

Learn more about microneedling here!

I found with this treatment, my pores definitely decreased in size, and I was really happy with the results! It does leave some blood on your face from having the procedure done, but it didn’t hurt and I’m a big baby!  You definitely have some tiny scabs on your skin, but I was at a meeting two days later and they didn’t even notice. Test out Botox at this point to see if you need it, or like it. See one month out

Three Months Out

“An intense pulsed light (IPL) is a light therapy to remove any unwanted hair and marks on the epidermis.” – Lynn

I found that IPL had the most impact of all the treatments (it was slightly uncomfortable but bearable). All of my freckles and brown spots (from that Colorado sun) came to the surface and within a few days, my skin was the most even it has ever been in my entire life! No joke!  It made my skin just absolutely perfect, like a baby’s bottom. 

One Month Out

Botox is one of the best-known ways for getting rid of wrinkles. I went to Renu Laser and Skin Care for this service. The injections begin working a day or so after treatment. I did a test run 6-months out just to be sure that I personally liked the results. I did! I then went again one month prior to the wedding. Botox will make you look and feel young, especially after all the wedding preparations. I had lines on my forehead that makeup would get stuck in, and botox made them vanish and made my skin smooth for day-of and after!

Learn more about Botox here!

Once you’re 1 month out, you don’t want to chance anything! This is where the timing piece that Lynn mentioned is so important. Steer clear of anything too crazy leading up to this point if you aren’t sure or haven’t tested it prior to at least 4 weeks out. You could risk having a bad reaction to a product or procedure leading to damage that cannot be fixed prior to your big day! Always consult your esthetician before trying anything new. 

One Week Out

“A hydrafacial will open up pores and clean them out, while infusions of strong serums give that radiant, clean, and clear skin you need.”  – Lynn

I did two hydrafacials. One of them was at one month out and one was a few days before the wedding, leaving me with glowy skin and feeling super hydrated! I’ve had brides mention to me in the past they have done an IV prior to the wedding for the same reason.

Learn more about hydrafacials here!

What are your tips for healthy skin?

“The most important thing for a healthy skin care routine is to have a good vitamin C antioxidant to neutralize the skin, Retin A tolerance for building up the skin firmness, sunscreen, taking off makeup each night, and a light chemical peel, which is a technique where chemicals are applied to the skin which makes it peel off and reveal a new, smoother layer of skin.” – Lynn.

Retin A and chemical peels should be done months prior to any function.

What are the best lifestyle tricks?

“The best lifestyle tricks are to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, cut back on sugar, and be sure that you’re healthy on the inside as well as the outside. Making sure that your esthetician knows your skin goals and gives you a customized facial can really make an impact on your beauty. They’ll be the ones to help lighten stress and make you feel beautiful. So it’s important to know they’re doing what you want and need!” – Lynn

Another skincare procedure I tried was a plant peel by Alyse Coleman.

“A plant peel is a plant-powered peel treatment that refines pores, evens out skin tone, and texturizers the skin. It is great for anyone looking for great results without the associated irritation of a traditional chemical peel. It helps replenish skin moisture levels by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid. Your skin is left feeling soft and supple. Pro-tip: add on a customized masque for your skin type to any plant peel treatment!”

Carly’s Amazing Results:

Smile Prep

After seeing the photos from my bridal shower, I was definitely in search of a teeth whitening company. My teeth were definitely not the shade I wanted for my big day especially next to a white dress. In my opinion, this is definitely a treatment not to skip. Due to a busy wedding season and the craziness that all happens weeks leading up to the wedding, I found a mobile service that comes to you! Vanessa, with Denver Mobile Teeth Whitening in Denver, Colorado was absolutely amazing. She came right up to my office and my husband and I jumped into her gorgeous decked out sprinter van. Dramatic results were given to us within an hour. We ended up loving it so much, we booked a second treatment the week of the wedding, as well as had my parents participate which was fun! My smile stayed as white as my wedding dress!

While it may not have been a top priority at first, after my experience prepping for my big day, I would highly recommend putting in more effort and time into your skin and beauty routine than you thought! A lot of the services and procedures may not bet for everyone, but they really worked for me. Always ask professionals for help so they can customize a plan specifically for you and your skin’s needs. How you feel on the inside, and having the confidence with how you look on the outside will really affect the way you look and feel on your big day!

But, at the end of the day, always remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



Skincare: Renu Laser Skin Care Plant Facial: Alluring Canvas Photographer: Sasha Felix Mobile Teeth Whitening: Denver Mobile Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening Photos: Caitlin Hamilton Photography
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