Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: 2023 Trends!

January 21, 2023
Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: 2023 Trends!

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Shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands is such a personal and one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a symbol of the start of the rest of your life and finding the “perfect” ring can be an incredibly fun but potentially overwhelming experience. Where do you start? How do you pick something that you’ll love and that your loved one will cherish for the rest of your lives together?

We’ve asked some of the Rocky Mountain Regions’ leading jewelers to weigh in on what is going to be big in 2023. They’re also answering questions you might have before starting to shop. The trends for 2023 span a wide range from new settings, popular diamond shapes, and what’s big for metals this year.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2023 

Photo Courtesy of Walters and Hogsett

One of our favorite trends for engagement rings for 2023 is multi-gemstone rings. “We expect to see a lot of multi-gemstone rings, especially “Toi et Moi” style, which was made popular by Machine Gun Kelly’s proposal to Megan Fox.” shares Mackenzie from Walters and Hogsett.

“Toi et Moi” means “You and Me” in French. How incredibly romantic is that, as it symbolizes two entities meeting as one! We love the statement a double diamond ring makes and we also love the idea of mixing a colored gemstone with a classic diamond. What is more romantic than a ring that is customized to fit your personality with a little color or a stone that has meaning to you and your significant other.

Another modern trend for 2023 that we are loving is the bezel ring trend. Alex Balkovatz from Sarah O. Jewelry in Denver, CO shared this “A bezel is when the stone is surrounded by metal rather than set in prongs. This setting has a modern feel but will never go out of style. Partial bezels are also an eye-catching design that we’ve used throughout our Myriad Collection for a pop of gold that still lets the center stone shine.”

A wide band is a third trend that is capturing our attention and can be achieved in a couple of different ways.  “A wider band look is popular either by stacking several bands together to achieve the look, or the engagement ring overall being a wider band,” says Dominique Anderson from O.C. Tanner based in Salt Lake City. We couldn’t agree more with this trend and love the idea of creating a wider band look by combining a wide engagement band and stacking smaller wedding bands. The look inspires creativity and opens the door for you to choose multiple looks to create a stunning stack.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah O. Jewelry

2o23 Wedding Band Trends For Both Bride and Groom 

We’re seeing a few trends come thru for 2023 for both men’s and women’s bands. “For men, we are continuing to see them choosing rose gold, and moving towards a narrower band. One of our most popular styles features both platinum and rose gold together,” says Dominique from O.C. Tanner.

Brides and grooms are choosing to lean into unisex or coordinating styles for their wedding bands. We’ve seen an uptake in wider bands for the bride in both engagement and wedding bands and we absolutely love this trend as mentioned above! Mackenzie from Walters and Hogsett located in Boulder, CO shared that “Unisex styles are going to be trending, with diamonds being included in both the groom’s and the bride’s rings. Diamond eternity bands will also continue to be a popular choice, typically for brides. Additionally, stacking your wedding ring with other bands, whether that be as an anniversary present or a stylistic choice, will be admired.” The trend of gold bands was a strong one in 2022 and we expect the trend to continue thru 2023. “We are totally predicting that the trend of bold gold will continue into 2023. Wide gold bands and textured metal bands add their own unusual flair, but let your center stone remain in the spotlight,” says Alex at Sarah O. Jewelry

Photo Courtesy of Sarah O. Jewelry

Another wedding band trend we are loving for the bride is adding some flair to your set with fancy shapes, endless diamond eternity bands, and tracer bands uniquely designed and shaped to fit the engagement ring. “Women are choosing diamond bands that include fancy shapes to complement their engagement rings. End-to-end baguette or pear shape diamond bands are popular, as well as bands with fancy shapes alternating with round diamonds,” says Dominque at O.C. Tanner

Diamond Shapes and Colors: What’s in for 2023 

Photo Courtesy of Sarah O. Jewelry

There are so many different shapes to choose from when it comes to the center stone. Certain shapes will always be classic and timeless however we love when a new shape takes the lead for a few seasons and the creativity is sparks within design. So what are the styles that will be popular for 2023? “It’s no secret that ovals are the star of the show right now, and we are here for it! Big oval center stones have been one of our most popular requests which are perfect for both solitaire and halo designs. Pears are also a favorite right now, especially in alternative gemstones like sapphires and champagne diamonds. One of my personal favorite upcoming trends of 2023 is unique and fancy cuts. Our Betty ring has a highly coveted checker-cut hybrid diamond that looks like a mixture of an oval and emerald cut tied up in one drool-worthy stone.” says Alex at Sarah O. Jewelry.

When it comes to color, we love the idea of the leading stone being something other than a diamond. Jewelers are predicting color being a big part of ring design in 2023. “We also are expecting colored gemstones, as people are looking for a ring that speaks more to their style rather than what’s traditional. Think sapphires, black, or even salt-and-pepper diamonds,” says Mackenzie from Walters and Hogsett.

If classic and timeless is more your style, Dominique at O.C. Tanner says this about the 2023 season for diamond shapes. “Round brilliant diamonds are a forever classic, and have never gone out of style; but oval, cushion, and emerald cuts remain strong. Brides like to have a ring that’s distinctly theirs while maintaining a timeless feel.”

Photo Courtesy of O.C. Tanner

What Metals Are Trending For 2023

Photo Courtesy of Walters and Hogsett

When it comes to choosing which metal you decide to go with for your engagement ring or wedding band, we don’t feel like there is a wrong answer. In 2022 yellow gold was a front runner and for 2023 Walters and Hogsett predict this “We saw an increase in the popularity of yellow gold for bridal in 2022, and I think that’s here to stay. Platinum was also popular among W&H clients. However, two-tone or mixed metals, especially between the engagement ring and the wedding band (such as a platinum engagement ring with a yellow wedding band) may become popular.”

It seems there isn’t a metal that won’t be the right choice for 2023! However, when choosing the metal you want to use for your ring, it should complement your ring design and diamond or stone. Rely on your jewelers to help you create the most beautiful ring possible within your budget.



What Is Most Important To Focus On When Selecting A Ring

Photo Courtesy of O.C. Tanner

Shopping for the perfect ring can be an overwhelming process. We asked the experts what their tips were for selecting and creating the perfect ring and making it a less stressful event. Every designer stressed this: Select your center diamond first and be clear about what shape and size you want. Dominque from O.C. Tanner explains their process while giving fantastic advice, “We first suggest to buy the most beautiful diamond in your budget. The center diamond will always be the focus, and setting styles change over time. A stunning diamond will never be out of style. Secondly, try on many styles and shapes when you first start shopping. You may find a hidden gem that you’d never guess would look beautiful on your hand, and conversely, a ring style you’ve always coveted may not be as great as you anticipated. Finally, but also very important is to think about your lifestyle and what kind of ring you’ll be able to wear daily.”

We also loved what Mackenzie from Walters and Hogsett had to say about what you should consider when selecting the perfect ring for your loved one, “Trends are constantly changing when it comes to bridal jewelry, but this is where we can help! We would love to get your input and see what styles you like or dislike. From there, we can try various rings on your finger so you can get a better idea of how it will look and feel. We can also look at gemstones if you’re wanting to create something entirely new, the only limit is your imagination when you work with us.”

Photo Courtesy of Walters and Hogsett

In short, every love story is different and your ring design is a symbol of your love for each other. Creating something specific to your love as a couple and a design that fits your personality makes your ring even more beautiful!

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