Montana Wedding

"How they Met"

Both Luis and I (Triniti) have known Maren (a mutual friend) for years but somehow didn't know each other. When we met, I was living with Maren and her significant other Dennis. She kept mentioning and mentioning that she had the perfect person for me but that "we were too good for each other" so she refused to introduce us. Dennis also agreed that we needed to be meet but didn't want to go against Maren's wishes to wait. He sneakily invited Luis over for a game of pool. Of course, Dennis didn't warn me, so I answered the door in the baggiest, old, grey sweatpants that I own. Luckily for me, Luis, said to Maren "comfort is important to me" when he called her the next day to get her permission to ask me out. Maren, being the awesome friend that she is, asked me first and played the voicemail for me. I agreed to go on a double-date with Dennis and Maren. Luis planned the night out. We had dinner downtown and went to the Art Walk. We still attend that the same Art Walk weekend every year and this is one of the reasons that we chose Dennis to officiate our wedding.

- Bride and Groom, Triniti & Luis Chavez


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