Are You Engaged? Start Strengthening Your Marriage Before The Big Day With the Utah Marriage Commission

June 5, 2024
Are You Engaged? Start Strengthening Your Marriage Before The Big Day With the Utah Marriage Commission

Being engaged is a fun and exciting time for a couple, and it often passes far too quickly! Whether you’re engaged for a few months or a year, preparing for your marriage is something you should do, regardless of your engagement period. You’ll want to know things about your potential spouse ahead of time and before you get to the big conversations: will we both work? Will one person stay home with kids? Will we even have kids? How many kids do each of us want? What’s our budgeting look like? How will we resolved conflict and indecision? Who’s side of the family will we see for holidays?

These are the questions that couples should have an answer for, or at least, talked about, before they solidify their marriage. Marrying the love of your life is a beautiful endeavor but it’s also a hard, lifelong journey! Our resources are meant to help couples work through their thoughts, considerations, and get it all on paper. Couples who do marriage prep value their marriage even before it starts – and have better success rates.

Utah State University is leading the charge in making marriage support fun and stigma-free! Their awesome “Stronger Marriage Webinars” series is packed with exciting classes and webinars every month, covering all sorts of cool topics. For instance, don’t miss the two fantastic webinars coming up in June:

Thursday, June 6th, 2024: The Complex Issues of Women’s Sexual Desire with Guest Speaker: Amanda Louder

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to understand the complex nature or women’s sexual desire, how couples can learn how to navigate challenges with desire discrepancies and work together to create an atmosphere where desires can flourish and intimacy abounds.

Thursday, June 13th, 2024: Four Different Forms of Intimacy Your Marriage Needs with Guest Speakers: Trey and Lea Morgan

Join Trey and Lea Morgan in this webinar as they discuss how different forms of intimacy can make your marriage feel happier and deeper. This webinar will aid attendees in knowing how to connect with their partner in more way than sexually, creating a profound relationship built on love, trust, and communication.

Register Here

They also offer all of their past webinars for free here. Here are a few examples of past classes that you can view now on their website:

Road to Happiness and Meaning – Dr. Dave Schramm

Sexual Communication – Kayla Adams, LCSW, ME.d

Managing Expectations: How to Effectively Communicate in Marriage – Vjollca Martinson

Navigating and Becoming Resilient to Shame in Relationships – Tyler Patrick

Additional FREE Services from Utah State University

Beyond the webinars, Utah State University also offers two additional free services for Utah residents:

E-courses: The Utah Marriage Commission’s e-courses offer a variety of online classes designed to strengthen relationships. These courses cover essential topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy, providing practical tools and strategies to enhance your marriage. Accessible and flexible, these eCourses allow couples to learn at their own pace, making it easier to build a happier, healthier relationship.

ePREP: This free online course targets engaged couples beginning their marriage journey. After completing the course, couples receive a discount on their Utah marriage license. A double win!

RELATE Assessment:The RELATE assessment is the #1 validated relationship assessment in the world. This assessment is free only for Utah residents and provides couples with an in-depth report that breaks down their views of the relationship, which in turn, helps narrow down which Utah State University webinars you can benefit from the most!

Stronger Marriage Podcast: The Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast, hosted by Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale has been around since September of 2022. They tackle , alongside marriage professionals and guests, everyday situations every couple may encounter in their marriage. From money management to parenting, the Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast focuses on providing couples with the resources they need to make lasting connection in their marriage.

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