Zak Jokela Wedding Photography

You deserve to relive your wedding memories.

The story of your wedding is one you will tell for the rest of your lives. Photos have the power to freeze time and send you back to that special day. The job of a photojournalist is to capture the story and feeling of those moments to help you relive them. 

Portraits that focus on the moment, yet consider composition, lighting and artistry to show your love are the best kind. Years from now, these quality portraits will help you reflect on and remember that special day—realizing how your love has grown for each other and the people who attended. 

If you want photos of genuine moments, candids and beautiful portraits, we should talk!

Hi, my name is Zak. I am a Montana based wedding photographer, photojournalist and portrait artist. Preserving memories, making you comfortable in front of the camera and capturing directed yet relaxed portraits is what I do. I love the art of travel and am honored to be present at your celebration. I am kind of quiet, an excellent listener, and very observant. Your story is important and all wedding packages include a full day of coverage with a release for your photos.

I look forward to hearing from you! 


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