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Hey there, 

My name is Beth and I’m the photographer behind Yellow Feather Photography. I live in a 1978 Airstream, named Earl, with my dog Thyme. I’m based in Salida, Colorado but travel a lot to Telluride, Crested Butte, and Durango as well as New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho- basically anywhere there are cool, down to earth people and mountains.

After a stint in the medical field, I went back to school to study fine art. I used to make fun of wedding photography. I thought it was cheesy and strange. Then I started documenting friend’s weddings and it changed everything. I realized that its one of the most authentic celebrations that our culture has, if done with the right intentions. Love is powerful and to be surrounded with all of your favorite friends and family or just the two of you on a mountainside…is pretty incredible. It’s a rare moment to celebrate, to make fun memories together, and to document something meaningful. I do other photography work besides weddings including fine art, editorials for magazines, and commercial work for outdoor companies. While I love that work too, nothing leaves me inspired quite like weddings and elopements. When you see a 98 year old grandpa getting jiggy on the dance floor or a couple smiling ear to ear because they just promised forever with their best friend… there’s truly nothing like it.

My approach is to keep it simple and honest.  I offer full day coverage because I find that it helps create a more authentic atmosphere…rather than worrying about fitting me into the timeline. I want you to focus on living an awesome day, I’ll focus on creating beautiful images from that day. Check out my website and Instagram for more info or reach out to me directly if you want to brainstorm something out of the ordinary. I’m all about that! 

You can also follow my airstream adventures and lots of photos of Thyme on my personal Instagram account: @yellowfeather.

Some fast facts:

I hate cheesy, posed photos.

I believe in documenting real moments.

I love all things art and nature. 

I grew up on a farm in Idaho.

I’m a Virgo. 

Thyme is a border collie mix and loves other dogs more than anything in the world.

I believe in equality. Love is love. 

I believe in working to protect our planet. 

I love costumes and dinner parties with friends. 

I’ve traveled a lot. Sometimes in really sketchy situations and feel lucky to be alive. 

I love innocent, joyful moments like skinny dipping in a mountain lake.

I feel lucky to call people I work with friends and have been known to crash on their couches or pester them for drinks well after their wedding.


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