Whistler Wedding Collective

Welcome to the Whistler Wedding Collective. We’re the photographers of slow dreams and romantic detours, documentarians of the wild and the mystic, capturers of simple moments between good people. Given a choice, each one of us would take the long way round every time, and since you’ve found us here - we think you just might too!

Our home is the Sea to Sky corridor from Vancouver to Lillooet, and we joined forces in 2015, to share resources and support each other in providing the best wedding photography services we could dream up. We pool our equipment, technology, contacts, expertise, experience, artistic vision and our enthusiasm for this beautiful place and its people.

This means we have a photographer that gets your wedding style right down to the last detail. Whether you plan on getting married barefoot with a crown of wildflowers in your hair, in a Vera Wang dress at the at a five star hotel, or in your riding gear on a remote mountain top; we have a photographer who will get your vision and suggest ways to capture it even more profoundly.

Being able to specialize also means that when we show up to your wedding, we show up with a thorough knowledge of your venue, the surrounding area and all the romantic possibilities of your chosen location. Plus, when you book your wedding photography with us, we always offer a second shooter at no additional cost.

We met supporting and mentoring each other, so it didn’t take much for us to say yes when founder and local wedding photographer Anastasia Chomlack asked us to join creative forces as the Whistler Wedding Collective. Having covered countless weddings of all sizes on our own, we all knew the very real value of having a second set of hands and a dedicated colleague along to help capture each swoon-worthy moment and even create a little magic of our own. 

Now we roll through wedding season together, and between us there’s not a corner of Sea-to-Sky country that we haven’t explored. We know all of it’s secrets from who rents beautiful vintage decor to who creates the most elegant cakes, and who handcrafts the best cocktails from a mobile bar. 

But enough about us! We hope the Whistler Wedding Collective feels like home to you and your partner. We know how important that is when you are trusting your ceremony, traditions and family to us. Wherever you are in the planning process, call us to ask how we can welcome you to the Whistler Wedding Collective and share some of the magic we are so proud to have gathered here in Sea to Sky country to witness and document for awesome couples like you.


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