Walters and Hogsett Jewelers

Walters & Hogsett Jewelers is the place you should head to in the Boulder/Denver metro area for all your jewelry needs! Having been a family-owned business for 40 years, they truly are curators in the art of the well-made. From beautiful, quality diamonds to wedding bands to custom-made pretty-much anything-you-can-imagine, Walters & Hogsett should be a must on your places to visit during your wedding planning season.

Walters & Hogsett specializes in finding and making those unique pieces that speak directly to you and your style. No two engagement rings are exactly the same, and no two couples are exactly the same, therefore the team at Walters & Hogsett makes sure to have the widest and most diverse collection of wedding bands available today. Whether you are a traditionalist, or on the cutting edge of fashion, you will find your perfect match at this store.

Swing by and check out their newly remodeled space! You’ll find yourself feeling right at home among new friends that you feel like you’ve known your entire life…and a lot of beautiful sparkly things.

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