Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been doing this. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about light, art and hard work, but mainly I’ve learned about love. I’ve witnessed the most beautiful folks choose a partner, celebrate loved ones, welcome babies. I’m in this for the art, yes, but most of all,

I am in this for the love.

A wedding is just a day, a few hours, really, often overpriced and overhyped. But the thing is, it does matter. You’re choosing a person and a direction. Wherever you find yourself ten years from now, it’ll be because of this choice. The details of a wedding matter only insofar as it says something about who you are. I have no taste for weddings at huge venues that are nothing but wedding factories. I have no taste for weddings that follow a script, events organized only because a couple has seen it done elsewhere and thinks it’s the way to do things. Here’s what I can get behind: an authentic vision, because no matter what that vision is, if it is coming from a genuine place, if it’s got ingenuity and sincerity, you can’t go wrong. I don’t care if you’re getting married in a campsite in a National Park, or the backyard of an Airbnb house in a foreign city, or a castle, or a barn behind your parents’ house. Your wedding could cost six digits, or it could cost a few thousand dollars. A product of an international upbringing myself, I believe wholeheartedly in the richness of travel, and it makes total sense for that magic to be part of your wedding or elopement. But I also grew up spending summers on a family property in a tiny, dusty town in Northern New Mexico, and as much as I value travel, I value roots.  You can’t have wings without them, and I love weddings that honor roots just as much as the ones that take flight.

I have a definite appreciation for aesthetically interesting or edgy choices— give me Frida-Kahlo bohemian, Bauhaus modern, small-town Americana folk — I can get behind all of those. But what really gets my heart thudding?

Equality. Sincerity. Kindness.

I’m a Colorado native, but have become a creature of the road and split my time between Colorado, New Mexico & the Midwest with regular travel elsewhere.  


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