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Radix Creative

A design house for lovers, wanderers, and wild hearts...

We love love. And we also love creating a beautiful backdrop for your story’s next chapter to unfold.

We would be honoured to be trusted with your special day, and we promise we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

From dreaming up your perfect vow backdrop, to figuring out how to keep creepy Uncle Bill away from your cute neighbor at the reception, we are here. for. you.

Our hope is that you see the value in hiring a designer, and we get a chance to work with you to create something magical!

Special Offers + Packages

$250 off any of our packages for RMB couples! (Excludes ‘SHOWTIME’ package)

Love Notes

“You made our dream wedding a reality, and it simply would not have been possible without you.”

– Connor, Groom

“I need every human being to see the ceremony site you set up for us and HIRE. YOU. FOR. EVERYTHING. You are pure magic sister, pure magic. Still feels like an absolute, beautiful dream.”

– Aubrey, Bride

“We love your vision, and how you bring our story to life in such a special way.  Our wedding was truly crafted just for us, and we will treasure that forever.”

– Chris, Groom

Fun facts

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

We call ourselves a design house for lovers, wanderers, and wild hearts. We like the wildly-in-love, those who have a bit of a curiosity for the unknown, and those like to take risks. Oh, and we love to work with people who prefer to do meetings over a good happy-hour cocktail! So if that sounds like you, I think well be friends!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

We actually come to the wedding industry with a decade of experience in interior architecture and design. We are passionate about design, but we are also passionate about people. And the wedding industry is a perfect blend of creating beautiful spaces, and telling people’s stories!

Where do you find your design inspiration?

Can we say everywhere!? Honestly, we’re the people taking pictures of corners of restaurants, or a grouping of chairs in a hotel lobby (and getting made fun of it for it by our friends and family, of course). Spaces and experiences are our biggest draw of inspiration, and that’s why we love travel exposes us to new places and things that create curiosity and encourage our creativity. We love to observe how people in other places do things differently. And we challenge ourselves to apply those things we observe and experience into our designs. We are avid risk-takers over here, and we think if something can be done differently, then it is certainly worth a try

Do you travel for clients? If so, where?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Traveling is our favorite thing to do! Near or far, count us in! (And if you peep our website, there are a few places on our bucket list that we would love to work, and bringing us along four your nuptials could earn you some free services!)

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