Rachel Schrepel, Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographer

I am a sentimental wedding photographer for independent and sophisticated couples.

I am a product of my parent's divorce. Love was war. They fought more against than for. Hard times were hung on the wall. I avoided conflict by isolating and disconnecting, ultimately starting a war with myself. I gave love a second chance and fell true to the idea that people are better together. I stand for love and respect in every marriage and that two independent people love each other better when together. I believe in marriages that cultivate meaningful romantic traditions. I believe in growing old, yet growing up together is the real adventure.

My clients are couples who believe that being together is better. My couples believe in marriage and that marriage is worth fighting for. My couples choose encouragement over criticism, grace over judgment and faith over fear. Their love says they will be there no matter what. My couples have no backup plans, no escape clauses and zero regrets. My couples believe that holding hands never grows old and the heart has no wrinkles. 


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