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Love Notes
My fiancé and I met Olivia by chance over a year ago. She happened to be visiting her family on the west coast and posted on her Facebook that she was looking for couples to shoot in the area while she was here. A mutual friend of ours told me about the post and asked if I would shoot with her that weekend. I’d never done any sort of photo shoot before but I agreed because why not? Over the course of several hours on that photo shoot Olivia started to feel like family. Not only is she fiercely talented, she is also incredibly kind, patient and makes you feel like an absolute rock star. I still have no idea how she made my fiancé and I look so good. All we did was have fun all day and what came out of it were some of the sweetest pictures I will cherish for the rest of my life. Fast forward to this year — Olivia revisits the west coast and she shoots our maternity pictures! They are enough to make me cry every time I look at them. Fast forward again and Olivia will be shooting our wedding in April! It was a no-brainer that she was the only one I would allow to shoot such a milestone for us given our history with her. We couldn’t be more excited. Bottom know Olivia Reed is to love Olivia Reed. She has captured a spectrum of special moments in our lives and I am eternally grateful. I have learned that “taking pictures” is one thing but capturing the love, joy and intimacy that two people share is an absolute art that can take your breath away. Thank you a million times Olivia!
— J+J
I wish I knew where to start- there are just so many things about working with Olivia! Not only is her work amazing, she is an extremely sweet soul and so easy to work with. Olivia made every opportunity to work with her so natural and removed the stress out of it all. Her experience as a model really comes into play with aiding you to look natural in your photos- there aren’t any strange or fake poses, she just lets you be you and helps you when you need it. Her talent is so obvious in her images- they are so clear, the lighting is amazing and she just knows how to find the right shot. Olivia did such an AMAZING job on our wedding- she read my mind throughout the day and took some neat shots that are so outside the box that I would have never thought to do. She kept us on track with timing and made sure we checked everything off that we needed to do. Our entire wedding party absolutely loved having her around- it wasn’t the usual experience of having a photographer at a wedding where they are just “there”... we had SO much fun together and the experience was that much more fun and awesome because of her. It's not every wedding that the bride and the photographer are dancing all night but I am so happy that it was for ours! Cannot say enough good things about Olivia- so professional, so talented, so awesome. We will continue to stay friends and use her for any photography needs in our future!
— C+G
First and foremost, I wanted to thank you once more for all your hard work actually taking the photos and being flexible around the weekend. I cannot overstate what a joy you are to have around, it was just like having another really good friend at our wedding. In fact it was exactly like that, because a good friend is exactly what you are. So kudos to you for either being an amazing person or an amazing actor (I'm assuming it's the former). Second, I'm going to have to get a bit sad for a moment: I have a long family history of dementia and lethal cancer. As such, I kind of live with the assumption that one day I'm probably either going to die somewhat young or forget most things. With that said, I looked through the full album last night after Katie went to sleep and began to cry. The joy I felt looking through your photos was indescribable, because I now have a piece of that beautiful day frozen in time. I can rest easily knowing that even if my memories fade or Katie loses me early, we'll be able to look back and relive those moments. I have never completely understood why people pay so much for professional photography, as I'm somewhat callous and incredibly frugal. Your work shuts down my preconceived notions of what is "worth" spending money on, because I would not trade those photos for the world. What you do is beautiful Olivia, both physically and metaphorically. You imbue permanence on the inherent impermanence of life, and that is such a worthwhile gift to give people.Thank you, a million times over. Sorry for being super "deep" or whatever, just wanted to share my appreciation. I just can't believe you so perfectly captured how happy she makes me. And how much we love Obi. Mostly that second thing.
— K+O

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

i love capturing authentic moments and i'd rather "prompt" my couples to "pose" them...this brings out more authentic moments and reactions and allows you to be more yourself. my editing style is warm-neutral and pairs best with down-to-earth couples.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

i did an internship with a wedding photog in high school and i was hooked!

Do you travel for clients? If so, where?

heck yeah! i'm travel sized. whether it's a zip code or a time zone away, i'm there for ya! (travel rates do apply for anywhere an hour and a half from Breckenridge, but we can chat details later!).

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

my favorite part is when couples make it their own and they don't do anything "because it's traditional" they do whatever they want, because they can. a wedding day is a celebration of all the good to come, it shouldn't be the "best day ever" it's the start of all your best days.

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