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Wedding Portrait Photographer

Every moment in life is an opportunity worth remembering – one of the very reasons I pursued photography. Meeting people, capturing their moments, and sharing their stories photographically is what I live for. Growing up in Montana embedded in me an appreciation for nature’s emotional power and for me there’s no greater feeling than capturing the memories of life with a powerful couple. As I continue my growth and development as an artist, I look forward to crossing paths with so many diverse individuals.

Fun facts

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

As a creative artist, there's nobody easier to capture in a couple's portrait shoot than two people who can express themselves how they like. I prefer to capture genuine emotion in its rawest form with people who want memories both created and treasured. When I meet these couples, and I'm privileged and entrusted to document their special day or events, we make magic happen.

Do you travel for clients? If so, where?

The need to preserve memories should not be limited by distance, so I absolutely travel for clients! Just as I enjoy continually expanding my strengths in my art, so do I also enjoy exposing myself to different cultures and ways of life. In fact, I believe they go hand in hand. Previously I have been asked to travel by foot, car, train, plane, horse, and snowcat. The more adventurous the event, the more I welcome the challenge!

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

To pick out a favorite section of a wedding would be an injustice to the ceremony. The magnitude and spectrum of emotion is comparable to only a handful of other life events. For me, there are fewer things greater and more joyful than watching the deep affection two individuals have fostered for each other over time be expressed during a wedding. It is during this time that this affection is manifested in a tangible way and celebrated with the closest loved ones. The challenge and trust of capturing this expression of life in a timeless manner is why I continue as a photographer.

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