Lyndsey Garber Photography

New Mexico Wedding Photographer

When I was a little girl my celebrity crushes were Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck and I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be the next world famous cowboy-photographer. I was inspired by paintings and photographs that stirred something deep inside and I knew I wanted to grow up to create ranch lifestyle images that gave others the same feelings of awe and inspiration that I had experienced.

My childhood dreams grew and along the way, I discovered that I got the same amount of joy out of photographing couples and weddings as I did documenting the cowboy-lifestyle. And that the combination of the two literally set my soul on fire. 

I have been far and wide across the United States photographing engagements/weddings for couples who are passionate about blending their love story with documenting their lifestyle in an authentic, meaningful and timeless way...And I couldn't be more honored.