Kristi Sneddon Photographer

Calgary Wedding Photographer

That moment before a plane takes off, when you get a subtle smile and feeling of “here we go!” - that’s what it’s like to drive to every wedding.  The delicious anticipation makes me come alive, and I turn around and feed every ounce of that energy and excitement back into your day.

The things you’ll notice about me right away are that I’m kind, inclined to listen, and trustworthy (I know a lot of secrets).

If you listen closely, I’m pretty funny - but without being the center of attention.  Still, I consider a wedding a particular success when I get the groomsmen to laugh.  They never see it coming.

I studied photography at the famed Brooks Institute - the California school that brought us Pulitzer winners and folks who did digital effects for Harry Potter and Titanic.  I prefer the quieter prizes of making the usually-stoic father of the bride want to watch and rewatch the wedding slideshow, and taking that one shot that will bring a bride to tears every time she sees it for the next 70 years.

If you want someone there for you on your day who can create those kinds of photos, plus cheer you on, and give you every bit of that day’s energy (plus the next day’s worth as well), I’d love to meet you!    


Calgray, Alberta
[email protected]