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Jordan Katz

Understated imagery for the down-to-earth bride

Documenting has been a habit for me as long as I can remember. Starting with a polaroid, then my mom’s old 35mm, working in journalism and now photographing weddings, I have always been out to capture the moment.

I’m a big believer in the idea that there’s no such thing as perfect, but there is such a thing as beauty. I take a compassionate, hands-on approach in working with my clients — I put connection first because I’ve seen that beauty will follow.

I’m here to capture love as it unfolds on your wedding day — whether that be in the form of your best friend calming you down during a bout of nervousness, your grandpa helping your grandma stand up as you enter for dinner, or your new husband whispering an off-kilter joke in your ear during toasts. I’m also here to be your friend, timekeeper, second opinion, and most importantly — to help you be present and soak in what will likely feel like one of the shortest days of your life.

Love Notes

“Jordan was simply amazing. She was by far the best vendor we had at our wedding. She was so on top of everything – from the very first form on her website to the follow up after the wedding – it was all so seamless and well-thought out. She even has created super informative guides to advise you through the wedding weekend from the lens of her experience and expertise in the industry. She got our vision right away, was truly inspired off of it and and came up with ideas for shoots and scenes that would make our vision come to life. She truly was the only vendor we felt we didn’t have to hold their hand through it. We fully trusted her, her skills, her professionalism and her decision-making. During the day of, she was efficient and displayed great leadership skills with our large groups of family and friends to be pictured, yet still made everyone feel loved and joyful. And guess what? All this and we didn’t even meet her in person until the night before our wedding! We are still so blown away by how easy she made it despite being located in a different state at the time. And the photos? Well, they were perfection, delivered on time and so easy to access. Thank you, Jordan, for making our wedding free from any extra stress! It was truly a wonderful gift that we’ll always cherish.”

– Lenay

“I’ve literally been on a quest to review Jordan in as many places as I can because my husband and I have been so blown away by her work and adored our experience with her. Believe all of the other 5 star reviews, she’s just as wonderful as they say she is. From the start, Jordan was one of the easiest and most responsive vendors we worked with. She made the photo taking experience completely stress-free and even fun for my husband, who hates having his photo taken. Even he was thrilled with how his photos turned out, even though he normally hates how he looks. In addition, I think her true gift is the candids she is able to produce. Looking at her candids is like reliving each special moment of our wedding day over again. We’ve been staring at our highlights gallery for days straight now, completely blown away. Each photo is one we know we’ll cherish for years to come….and we haven’t even received our finals gallery yet!”

– Christine

“During the wedding, Jordan was a dream. She was there and working hard but not in our way or taking away from moments. She was organized enough to make sure we got what we wanted, but flexible enough to let moments happen as they do (off schedule!). She worked super well with our videographer who she had never met before and they were a perfect team. She seriously worked her butt off that day and captured everything. She was everywhere!!! It was incredible. The proof is in the photos. She sent us THE PERFECT sneak peek the next day, and then delivered our highlights less than 3 weeks after the wedding. We couldn’t believe they were just the highlights. She had captured so many moments and had done so beautifully. We were further impressed when she delivered our full album of wedding photos less than a month after the wedding!”

– Stephen

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

Understated, honest, film-inspired

Where do you find your design inspiration?

I find design inspiration in music, movies, architectural and design blogs, as well as other photographers' work.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I worked in broadcast and digital news, and began photographing for local news outlets. In searching for additional work, I ended up working with private clients on events and portraits on the side, which led me to weddings.

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

My favorite couples are those with warm and laid back personalities whose top priority is to spend time with their guests, and who are looking for a photographer to capture the subtle details as they unfold naturally.

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