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John Atencio

A Tradition of Artistry and Excellence

A Colorado native with roots in Fort Collins, John is proud to share his design, inspirations and joy in celebrating each treasured moment.

With a four-decade legacy, John brings a unique perspective to jewelry design. He continues to refine his craft, committing inspiration to paper in freehand before bringing each piece to life for customers in Colorado and around the globe.

His classic and bold designs are inspired tributes for milestone moments, from engagements and weddings to the birth of a child, a special anniversary, graduation or any moment worth celebrating. Each is a personal expression of love and a true keepsake that will withstand the test of time.

At John Atencio, each design is meticulously crafted in pursuit of beauty, quality and social responsibility. John is dedicated to the use of recycled gold and sustainable,  conflict-free gemstones to make certain that each design is wearable, lasting and memorable.

With his long-standing tenure, John stays true to what makes his pieces unique: Distinctive shapes, dramatic curves and pristine finishes. All identifiable as John’s signature craftsmanship.

John Atencio offers a range of engagement and wedding jewelry – including the Elite Collection and Luminaire. He also creates trend-setting silver and gold fashion designs  and one-of-a-kind collector pieces.

With six locations in the front range, John Atencio brings expertise when it matters most. Reach out to a John Atencio concierge to schedule a virtual or in store appointment.

Love Notes

“This is an amazing jewelry store. The designs are so unique and beautiful and the customer service is beyond compare. The quality and workmanship are perfect. I am looking forward to the “custom” earrings they are making possible for me.”

– Anette Snyder

“The customer service has been outstanding. We began our journey with Constance at John Atencio at Park Meadows Mall as we passed by and spontaneously decided to pop in and take a look. She helped to quickly identify our tastes for ring type, deign, and modifications away from a diamond center-piece. She and my soon-to-be husband, Todd, worked together to obtain the ring before a planned trip to the Grand Canyon so that he could propose. It was perfect. Chris has been spectacular as well. As we looked for wedding bands, he has been amazing in helping to create something special for us. I am not a diamond girl; Chris has been patient and an excellent communicator as we have worked to create the design with a rainbow of stones! Their attention to detail during this process has made all the difference in creating a very special symbol of our forever lives together.”

– Stella Mirelle

“My fiance and I were shopping for my wedding band, we instantly felt very welcome by all of the staff. We had plenty of time left before we needed to decide, there was no rush. With the great attitude of Lisa and Leslie, combined with the comfortable ambiance and interesting selection of jewelry we felt comfortable enough to move forward and get the ring with them. The whole process was comfortable and relaxed. We designed a ring together and it came out great.”

– Phil Lobo

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

My signature style is clean and simple. My signature style is function. My signature style is using more metal than either necessary or normal. My signature style is comfort... and my signature style is me. Generally I never think about my style, I just know that others recognize it and appreciate it. If everyone else is using square stones, I'm using triangles. If everyone else is centered up, I'm off centered. I'm not way out of the box, I'm just not in it. The word I would use for my style is Avant-garde .

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I always had an affinity for art. I majored in college at CSU in fine art and during that time, I took a jewelry making class at the Free University. It was a non-credit class with basic bending of silver wire and soldering . At this same time, I had a girlfriend and we were looking at rings for each other. Instead of buying a ring, I decided to make her a ring. The rest is history. I got the girl and my career in jewelry design was launched!

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

We love working with each couple to find that perfect expression of their love and commitment. I particularly like working with couples who have that twinkle in their eye. I believe what describes our client best is someone outside the norm – perhaps a ‘searcher’ or ‘adventurer’ . They prefer unique rather than following the crowd. They clearly want quality. Our customer is fiercely loyal: They will be proud of their JA jewelry purchase and will encourage others to follow suit. They will brag about how long they've had it or worn it. They will swear by the John Atencio brand.

Do you travel for clients? If so, where?

Yes, I certainly travel for clients that are looking to work directly with me for a custom ring design.


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