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Well Hello!  I’m Jennifer… based in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Whitefish, Montana.  I'm also a mother, daughter, lover, and a pure romantic at heart. I have 2 boys.  They're my life and they're my joys. I love music... When I was 5 years old my dad taught me how to play the piano. It's one of my very favorite memories.  I played the piano almost every day for the next 15 years.  You could show me a note though, and I'd look at you blank.  I play by ear, I play by my heart, always have.  I believe that music is heard from the inside out.

I love to travel.  My travels have included 41 of the 50 states, and 6 other countries, each time giving me a new and broad perspective on different people and cultures.

I began photographing weddings just when my oldest son was 2 years old, and have now been photographing weddings for 8 years.  It is my absolute love and joy.  I love connecting with couples, hearing their dreams and visions and bringing it to reality on one of the most treasured days of their life.  I believe in love, and dreams and making them come true.  My job is to help yours come true - I truly love every minute of it.   

2010 Graduate of the incredible Rocky Mountain School of Photography, mentored under reknowned artists: Sue Bryce, Sal Cincotta, Julie Paisley, Jeremy Chou, Sam Hurd, Jonas Peterson and many more.  

I look forward to hearing about you and your story! 




Whitefish, Montana
United States
[email protected]

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