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Hemlock :: plant ::  pretty poison known to be tenacious but tender. The spirit of the hemlock plant mirrors my own, and that of so many women I admire.

My new bandana company, Hemlock, marries my love of art applied to functional goods, textiles you can touch and feel, and the happy magic of unexpected color combinations.

A good bandana (handkerchief, scarf, whatever!) has unending uses from a baby bib to a hair-tamer. Stash one in your purse to be prepared for life’s little spills. Spice up a solid outfit with a little color and pattern! Or make up a picnic lunch, tie the corners together, strap it to a stick over your shoulder and set off on your next adventure!

Welcome to Hemlock Goods by Beth Snyder! I truly hope you find beauty and function with this collection.

Love Notes

“Who says function can’t be fashionable?! Hemlock Goods breaks that stereotype with the cutest designs and colors! I can’t wait to see the endless ways I’ll use my first (of many more to come) Hemlock bandana!”

– Beth Anne

“I love the fabrics. Fun addition to my life. Great quality.”

– Cindy Baker

“The fabrics are soft, the prints are beautiful and they wash up wonderfully! No ironing required! I’m going to keep going back to purchase more very soon!”

– Ursula Navarro

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

I love a loose style--something that shows the hand of the artist. And surprising color combinations will always light up a design.

Where do you find your design inspiration?

I’m forever inspired by vintage textiles, anything Nordic folk art, and nothing gets me going like mixing up some color on my palette and just playing.

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

For my wedding, my memory of it is the golden sunlight at the end of the day, the colors of the flowers and the smiles on everyone’s faces. I love that weddings are a day set aside explicitly to celebrate love and happiness.

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