Hailey Pierce Photography

Denver Wedding Photographer

I'm Hailes, the gal behind the camera, exploring the world with my backstreet boy looking husband, and our two monster pups! I love all things taco bell and chick-fil-a, anything to do with the outdoors, and you can find me making clay earrings in my free time! I have more tattoos than I can count, and every single summer in college I traveled over seas for mission trips/adventure trips! That is actually what got me into photography, while living in West Africa!
I have watched greys anatomy and vampire diaries over 6 times all the way through (judge me) and I am a HUGE Game Of Thrones nerd (but do not get me started on the last season!!)
I love authentic and real people, who aren't afraid to snag a hole in their dress, get a pretty ombre of dirt on their skirt, jump a fence or two, run around in the wind, and eat some french fries and dr. pepper after or during our shoot. those are my people.


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