Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa

Gateway Canyons Resort is nestled at the heart of five intersecting, red sandstone canyons in stunning Western Colorado. This is where the planet opens up to tell its story, inviting you to discover more. Surrounded by adventure, natural wonderment and untouched discoveries, Gateway Canyons Resort serves as your luxurious headquarters at the heart of it all. Built by John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel and Discovery Communications, the resort offers the perfect stay for every inquiring soul.

Here, you can create your perfect day. Scale the red rock peaks. Go horseback riding on hoof-built trails. Unearth dinosaur bones. Pamper yourself in the spa. Dine under a chandelier of brilliant stars. Whether you seek a romantic Colorado retreat, family fun holiday, or unforgettable wedding, Gateway Canyons Resort offers experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind.