Hello! My name is Austin Francis Sylvest, I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Boulder, Colorado. I made my way to Colorado by way of Louisiana in 2018, after marrying the love of my life, Elsa.

After picking up a camera for the first time in 2015, I’ve found that I value the emotional power and intimacy that a photograph can render without speaking a word, while creating a legacy of love, and a lifetime of joy.

I take photographs because I want to remember, to reflect, and share. One of my fondest memories of looking at photographs came from the legacy that my grandparents lived. We would always flip through their photo books, as they told us the story of each photograph, the places they had been, and the people they had met. A true life of love and adventure.

To me, photographs create a visual legacy that can live on well past our time, and invoke memories of the bigger picture of life, and I’d love to share that journey with you.


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