Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Art

Emily Elizabeth Sterling graduated from the Vancouver Metal Arts School in 2011, under the teachings of Gerold Mueller, alumni of one of Germany’s finest design schools. As a European trained Jewelry and Object Designer, Emily Elizabeth went on to further her knowledge of the industry while interning with Peter Schmid of the renowned Atelier Zobel in Konstanz, Germany. “This was a dream for me. My time working abroad with Zobel was an alluring immersion into a world of highly innovative design. I absorbed the value to stand out as a progressive and fun spirited artist in a traditional trade, to be bold and to go give my work soul.”

Originally from North Vancouver, Emily spent the last three years of her career in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. It was there that Emily began to put the bigger pieces and experiences in her life together with her creative work to catapult her career with deeper purpose. “Success as an artist is a lot more than producing quality artwork. It is about intellectual and spiritual wealth within the maker and within each piece. I now have a deeper approach to my art and my business that has brought the vibration of what I do to a higher level. My work is an expression of my heart.”

Emily uses precious metals and gemstones to create her one of a kind pieces.Her designs are rich in technical ability while never failing to make a statement with romantic, sculptural forms and vibrant minerals. “My goal is to design jewelry that creates curiosity and questions about the wearer. I aspire to create art that will emote and express the inner self while leaving an element of mystery lingering behind.” Emily has a style that is undeniably her own, strong in it’s individuality, yet soft in it’s organic form and fine detail. “I find great beauty in the imperfections and free forms in my jewelry. It is that which tells a beautiful story”.

With a deep calling for quality of time and inspired space to create her one of a kind, handcrafted pieces, Emily Elizabeth is now calling the majestic Rocky Mountains of British Columbia home. Endlessly inspired by the new soil beneath her feet, Emily strives to infuse the creative communities in the Columbia Valley and throughout British Columbia as co-founder of passion project, non-profit organization, Rebel With A Cause. “I believe as artists we are consumed by passion and playfulness, in time it heals our scars and fuels our livelihood and when it makes us whole we have nowhere else to put our hearts but into the lives of others. An artists true life's purpose is the rebellion to share their hearts work.”