Ember Hairstream

Ember Hairstream is Colorado’s first full mobile hair salon. Although this is their first year “on the road”, the Ember Beauty Team has over 12 years experience in the hair and make-up industry. Created by Jamie Nelson, who is top stylist in one of Boulder, CO premier salons and educates for an international product company as a styling educator, who has brought her passion of hairstyling, creativity and teaching to the Ember Hairstream. With a highly trained staffed of beauty professionals, specializing in barbering, hairstyling and make-up, Ember Hairstream makes the beauty portion of your wedding run effortlessly and smooth! Not to mention, the most fun and unique experience specially catered to your “getting ready” desires! Step into the “Hairstream” where they create a unique experience for each event they do. Whether you are looking for a hot shave in their vintage barber chair, full hair and make-up for your bridal party, or perhaps you need a space to get ready, the Ember Hairstream can be catered to meet your needs. The Ember Beauty Team also travels without the “Hairstream” to your hotel or wedding venue.  


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