Coryn Kiefer Photography

Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

The best kind of love is the kind that takes your breath away year after year, moment after moment. My goal as a photographer is to catch those moments and capture them for you. 

I have been enamored by photography since the first time I stepped into a dark room year 20 years ago and the world opened up to me. From that day to this one now, I have been a chaser of light. As I got my start in film photography, my digital approach continues on the same field capturing the romantic soft nature of film within the crisp beauty of the digital world. My style is airy and clean but without losing the vibrancy of the world around you. Throw a little gorgeous backlight in there and I am one happy lady!

Every couple I work with has their own story to tell.  My aim is to help tell those stories with natural photos that make each individual’s personality shine. Most importantly what I strive for is that when you look at your photos ten years from now they will not only remind you how you looked on your wedding day but how you felt.

I am currently based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico but love to travel! I unapologetically love my family, coffee, flowers and wine. Pretty much in that order.  

Let’s make something beautiful. 


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