Hey! We're Shannon and Joe Terrell!

And our little wedding company, Century Tree Co., is what happens when two people in the wedding industry - a California girl and a Texas boy - fall in love, get married, and move to Colorado.

We're visual storytellers, and we believe every wedding or elopement should be as unique as the love story that leads you to the altar (or mountaintop). We're not fans of staged, awkward, or cheesy poses - we value raw emotions and vulnerable experiences, and our photography style reflects our desire to capture romance and adventure in all of its magical, wild, and awe-inspiring glory.

But most importantly, we live to celebrate marriage. As a married couple, we think marriage is one of the greatest things two people can decide to do together. And, because of that, we want to be more than people who provide a service on your wedding day - we want to invest in you and your relationship. We'll be there to laugh, cry, and squeal with joy on one of the most emotional, intimate, and important days of your life - and, all the while, documenting every crazy, wondrous, and precious moment along the journey.

At Century Tree Co., you and your spouse are more than clients - you're our friends. And we're for you.


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