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We're visual storytellers

Hey! We’re Shannon and Joe Terrell!

And our little wedding company, Century Tree Co., is what happens when two people in the wedding industry – a California girl and a Texas boy – fall in love, get married, and move to Colorado.

We’re visual storytellers, and we believe every wedding or elopement should be as unique as the love story that leads you to the altar (or mountaintop). We’re not fans of staged, awkward, or cheesy poses – we value raw emotions and vulnerable experiences, and our photography style reflects our desire to capture romance and adventure in all of its magical, wild, and awe-inspiring glory.

But most importantly, we live to celebrate marriage. As a married couple, we think marriage is one of the greatest things two people can decide to do together. And, because of that, we want to be more than people who provide a service on your wedding day – we want to invest in you and your relationship. We’ll be there to laugh, cry, and squeal with joy on one of the most emotional, intimate, and important days of your life – and, all the while, documenting every crazy, wondrous, and precious moment along the journey.

At Century Tree Co., you and your spouse are more than clients – you’re our friends. And we’re for you.

Love Notes
Joe and Shannon with Century Tree Co. are a fantastic duo that I highly recommend. They are both very thoughtful in their work and are easy to work with! Shannon beautifully captured every moment throughout the day, truly communicating the joy we were feeling! I can’t help but smile every time I look through my photos.
— Jenna F.
Shannon is AMAZING! Shannon is an amazing photographer and will capture every sweet moment of your wedding day. I wanted a photographer that captured all the little moments and Shannon really brought that to life. She is encouraging and makes you feel like a model while also directing you on what to do in the most natural/ fun way. She is so flexible, rolls with the day as it comes and made us as bride and groom incredibly calm. One of our favorite moments on our wedding day was our portraits after the ceremony because she let us do our thing while also giving us direction and making us feel amazing.
— Kelly + Brennan
I could not have picked a better photographer and DJ through CTP. Absolutely AMAZING. Shannon is an incredible photographer and you can tell she truly cares about capturing the perfect photos! She not only did a great job taking pictures, but offered advice and worked with the wedding coordinator and staff to ensure a flawless evening. Her attitude and smiles and passion for photography went a long way and the end result is priceless. Our photos are amazing and I am so glad I chose them. Joe the DJ is also PERFECT. He offers great recommendations and reaches out to the bride and groom to ensure a perfect playlist. I was indecisive on a lot of music to play ie walk down music etc and let him pick. He did perfect and really set the mood to an awesome ceremony and reception and has great taste in music. Even more provided fun lights and bubbles on the dance floor which was a huge hit with our guests.
— Chloe O.

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

Our style favors genuine emotion with your loved ones, candid moments adventuring in the wild, celebrating natural light throughout the day, and kickass time laughing together.

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

Our couples go with the flow, and enjoy the little things in life - striving for the exhilarating experiences together. Couples who appreciate the journey more than the destination (or as much!) make our hearts so happy, because their marriage is the journey. We love sitting with our people around the campfire sharing our favorite memories, getting goofy, and being able to appreciate community.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

Century Tree Co. started in 2013 with DJing and Videography with two brothers, and now we have a husband and wife team! We were fortunate enough to start our business in Texas with an incredible community. We learned that community is so much more important than competition, and that has carried with us in every aspect of our work. Things really kicked off for us in 2015 when Shannon (the photographer) took over the marketing of the business and networked with everyone around her. From there, we referred out people, and they returned the favor.

Do you travel for clients? If so, where?

Yes! We have been traveling all our lives, traveling to 19 countries! Shannon is from California, and Joe is from Texas, so it's in our marriage description to be traveling to Yosemite & Austin quite a bit. We honeymooned in Banff and have spent summers in the Mediterranean and Iceland. We value traveling so much, so we are down to meet anyone anywhere! We have some Rocky Mountain bucket list places we would love to experience with you!

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