I’m Christina, fitness enthusiast turned wife, turned mother, turned photographer, somewhat in that order. I am an adventurous wedding + elopement photographer based in Idaho but love traveling anywhere, especially the beautiful rocky mountains. My style captures the raw chaotic emotion that is in each of us, and I strive to photograph the types of moments you want to hang up in your home, the ones that aren’t staged or posed, but ones you will cherish forever.

There is so much beauty in the way we interact with our loved ones that is unique to each of us and I want to photograph those moments for you, I want to capture you, your story, and your perfectly imperfect love.
That kind of emotion that is so special to each of us is what keeps my photography world turning. Aside from the wonderful people I get to meet on this photography journey I am most inspired by my husband, and two children. They are the ones that keep me grounded but also keep me going. They let me be creative and most importantly let me take thousands of pictures of them.

To me, pictures are like song lyrics, a picture can take me back to a specific moment in time. By just looking at the picture I can remember where we were, what time of day it was, what we were doing and/or eating, and the feeling I felt when I was in that moment. I want everyone to get those feelings from pictures, especially of themselves with the ones they love.

I am all about creativity, uniqueness, openness, and true raw love in a bride or couple. I am here to capture everything about your special day and all the work you put into making it your own.

I hope to meet you soon
xoxo Christina


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