Brie Thomason Photography

I'm Brie. A photographer, dog mommy to two toy Australian Shepherds, a shameless Nicholas Sparks fan, and coffee freak. My husband, or better yet my best friend, and I spend most of our time in Mountain Home, Idaho, working at our coffee shop. When we aren’t working we are traveling and exploring the world! Traveling together is one of our favorite hobbies and some of my best memories are trips we have taken together. 

I am obsessed with calligraphy and stunning floral arrangements, but I can't draw or keep any plant alive.  Honestly, I've tried both and it's just better for everyone if I leave it to the professionals.  

I grew up doing classical ballet and sports simultaneously.  It was the perfect mix of a being a princess and a tom girl. Until I was 13 years old, I played boys baseball. My dad was coaching a team and I wanted to be on it, so that's why I started on baseball versus softball.  Still to this day, one of my proudest moments is when I hit a home run off of a boy and he cried and his coach took him out of the game.  

I began dancing at the age of three and continued all through my sophomore year of college.  I auditioned to dance professionally for the company Ballet Idaho but turned down a contingent offer to pursue my degree in business.  Dance taught me diligence, hard work, focus, and most importantly it taught me creativity.  Being a dancer allowed me to express my thoughts and dreams through movement. 

As a photographer, I am drawn to storytelling. I love weddings the most because I feel like when you look at your completed wedding album you are reading your story start to finish. I love capturing laughs and cries and every silly face in between.

Finding the right wedding photographer is just as important to you as finding the right client is for me. I want us to connect on a professional and personal level so that even after your wedding day has long come and gone we still stay in touch.