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Boise, Idaho

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You deserve a wedding film as unique as your fingerprint.

The day you’ve been dreaming about and planning your whole life. Your fairytale has begun. It’s finally your turn to be the main characters in your very own great romance. Your wedding is more than officially getting married. It’s more than a celebration of your love. It’s about reflecting on the hard-fought journey it took to get here and building the firm foundation upon which you’ll both stand on and grow for the rest of your lives. A story driven wedding film has the power to bring you back to the backbone upon which your lives were built on. The difference between having someone film your wedding day and having your love story captured is depth and intentionality. It’s what brings power to your story, making it mean something and transcend time and generations. It’s what makes your story, your love, your lives matter.

Love Notes
Lauren was an amazing person from the beginning of our journey, all the way till the end! From the moment we spoke on the phone I knew she was going to be the perfect person to film our wedding. Most brides are doing this for the 1st time and have no clue how to navigate most things about planning a wedding, and Lauren was so helpful in organizing the timeline and getting things all in order. Her energy is unmatched. Her stories/films are one of a kind! I can’t thank her enough for putting our film together that was just authentically us! We love it! Thank you!
— Vanessa Nava
Stop looking - you've found your videographer!! Lauren does amazing work! We hired her a bit last minute, but she still made us feel like top priority the whole time. She listened to our vision of the wedding and video and captured everything perfectly! I can't imagine not having this keepsake now and wouldn't have wanted anyone else capturing our day.
— Courtney Bouwkamp
From the beginning of booking with Lauren, we had an instant bond. I felt like she communicated professionally but also offered guidance when my husband and I were going through a hard time changing wedding plans. She focused solely on what we wanted for our wedding and helped make sure everything ran so smoothly. Everything went as perfect as it could’ve, and I know Lauren put her heart and soul into our film and knowing us as a couple as well. We are forever grateful to have such a beautiful wedding film to cherish forever! Highly recommend Lauren for capturing your wedding day, you won’t regret it!
— Ashley Emmons
Our wedding could not have been captured better! Lauren is hands down the best videographer you could ask for. Every step of the way, from helping set up before the wedding to staying till the very end of the night to capture all of the shots we could have dreamed for. She’s there for you all day long! If you are scared of being filmed and think you are going to come off awkward on a video, put your worries away. Lauren made all of our worries go away on our wedding day, everything felt so natural and nothing felt forced or awkward. She takes every step to ensure you get what you want from your video. The video was AMAZING. We forever get to look back on our wedding day. On our anniversaries to come we will watch it again to relive the day. It is not even a question that the video is so worth every penny. I encourage all to have a wedding videographer, and Lauren will truly make it all you could ever hope or dream of.
— Dawson King
Lauren is beyond organized, thorough, and is always there for her couples! Lauren made us feel spoiled leading up to the wedding and throughout our wedding day. Not only did she send us a personalized box of goodies, but she brought our wedding party chocolates and even treats for our puppies! During our wedding she was so kind and worked so well with our photographer. She captured all of the special moments while making us feel so comfortable and like she wasn’t even there (in the best way possible). This allowed us to just enjoy the day with our loved ones. On top of the quality of the film and sound being amazing, she told a story that felt so true to us as a couple and showed all of the love we felt with our friends and family on our wedding day. She included footage of the most important people in our lives. We could tell she really listened to what we wanted out of a wedding video and made it into the best story ever. She refers to herself as a storyteller with wedding videos and we truly could not agree more.
— Anna Messec

Fun facts

What do you consider your style to be?

Imagine yourself thirty years from now, sitting down on the couch with your children and grandchildren cuddled close to you as you watch your wedding film for your thirtieth wedding anniversary. Imagine the looks on their faces as they see your day come to life and all of the special moments they have only heard stories about. Seeing the tears, hearing the laughter and the emotion cracking in your loved ones voices on the day where it all began. As your memories from that day begin to fade, you have something that allows you to relive the emotions, the joy and all that you hold dear with your family. An heirloom to touch members of your family present and future. Not every wedding film can transport you back like that. Not every wedding videographer can capture the emotions and meaning behind every moment. You need someone who understands you, your story and why it matters. That’s when a wedding film becomes transcendent.

What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?

Deep, Genuine, "Wears heart on their sleeve", devoted, romantic people. Couples that want a film with depth, that matter and go farther than just capturing your day. Couples who want to tell their story, unashamed, even if there is some hardships that they had to go through. They want to show what real, true love is, what it took to get to this day and something they can look back on and share with their loved ones, present and future, that impacts and makes a difference in others lives. We need more authenticity in this world and not being afraid to get deep and share their true, genuine story.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

Lauren has always loved telling stories. Since the day her parents let her pick up their JVC camcorder when she was a kid, she’s been capturing people and their stories. Even while she was in college getting her Bachelor’s degree in digital media did filming weddings ever cross her mind. So when a friend asked her to film their wedding in the summer of 2016, Lauren never thought anything of it. Little did she know that moment would change her life forever. Now fast forward 5 years later, Lauren gets the honor of filming the most amazing weddings and telling the greatest love stories with the best couples in the world.


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