Bird & Buffalo

bird and buffalo is the Jackson Hole based creative studio of Courtney Leavell.

I have always had a passion to draw and create things.  I realized my style of drawing while creating renderings for my interior design studios in college.  Prior to creating actual drawings you could always find my doodles and sketches on the walls of my bedroom or in the corners of any given piece of paper.

After graduating college, I moved to New York City for an interior design internship and thereafter job. I was able to grow and learn in more ways than I realized at the time. After spending a few years in the city, I decided I wanted to return to outdoor life in Jackson.  You will still find me buying unique vintage pieces that I find at roadside shops or moving furniture around to create one of a kind spaces.  Both with my artwork and design I strive to create personal and detail oriented creations.  I am constantly asking myself how can I customize this or embellish that. It's a nonstop brainstorm of thoughts.

I primarily work with pen and markers but as an extension of my drawings, I began to explore turning my drawings into block prints a few years ago.  The buffalo was my first block print I created for a greeting card.  I have since developed my line of cards into wedding invitations.

Recently a vintage Chandler and Price letterpress has made it's way into the studio.  I am currently trying to learn how to use the press and will soon introduce a letterpress collection of greeting cards!


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