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Balefire Goods is the intersection of artisan craft and high modern design. With engagement and wedding bands from sought-after and hard to find artists, its collection is provocative and sophisticated, while offering an important synergy with the Colorado lifestyle. The heart of Balefire’s commitment line is anchored in its proprietary custom jewelry line, called Kindle. 

Balefire works with clients to provide context around the diversity of ethically sourced materials available, and the processes that can be used to ensure the finished design is as unique as its wearer. Whether you come to Balefire for a classic diamond ring, unique gemstone jewelry, or artistic and modern bands, Balefire will work with you to create something that uniquely represents your aesthetic and lifestyle. 

One of Balefire’s main areas of focus is jewelry that fits with the Colorado lifestyle, which means well built, easy to wear jewelry that is low maintenance and crafted with ethically sourced metals and stones. 

In addition to handcrafting engagement, wedding, and commitment rings, Balefire also offers great jewelry options for the big day such as custom made hair combs, elegant necklaces, and artisan cufflinks


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