I’m Ashley Joyce Cummings, a 27-year old New Mexican with a huge heart for the outdoors and photographing people in it.

I’m my most comfortable and happy self when I’m outdoors, whether it’s backpacking down the Grand Canyon, hiking to a mountain top to breathe fresh forest air, or on a river gently canoeing down. I grew up living in small towns where our national forests were my backyard and I genuinely thrive in these quiet and natural environments. It’s where I feel alive. It’s my home, even if “home” is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I will travel anywhere to photograph wonderful, quirky people in environments that make them feel at home, too.

I am here for you, for your little moments, the quiet surprises, the honest happenings of your life. I want to capture it all. I want to be a part of telling your unique story, and collaborating with your own ideas in creating images that not only demonstrate who you truly are, but are also little pieces of artwork for you to cherish forever.

When we work together, I will ensure you feel your most comfortable, your most silly, and your most beautiful and quirky self. I don’t love a whole lot of posed photos so be sure to come out of your shell a little while we shoot! If you are one who wants those fun, lively, and maybe a little unconventional photos, let’s gather up our walking shoes, head on outdoors, and find a landscape that helps tell your story.


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