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This is likely one of THE most exciting and beautiful seasons you will ever walk in. Your entire life has been leading up to this moment. You waited, you prayed, you journeyed, and now you’ve found the love of your life, your best friend, and lets be real: your forever netflix & chill partner! Your wedding day will obviously be filled with tons of elements: Flowers, food, music, cake, a beautiful backdrop, etc. But the ONLY thing you will take home from that day, are your memories; and how they are captured is of utmost importance. Your photos are the only thing from your day that will mean more to you in 50 years than they do the month after your wedding. Therefore, when you hire a photographer- you deserve to be treated more than just another client or dollar sign. You deserve the best.

The entire reason I got into this business, and why I thrive in it, is because I am different. “How?” You ask…well, say hello to your NEW BEST FRIEND. The second you become a Ashley J BRIDE- I invest myself into you and your day with my whole heart. The connection I nurture with you from the first inquiry to the final send off of images, enables me to get to know you in a way where I simply become a part of this season with you. We connect, we laugh, we are in this together. I care about the large moments of you walking down the aisle, and the smaller moments of grandma gettin’ down on the dance floor. So whether you’re located in Montana, or getting married on an island off the coast- lets create something that you look back from 5, 10, 60 years from now and you still say, “I’m so glad I hired her!”

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