Alison McQuain Photography

I love, love telling stories. Through my 10ish years as a journalist and photojournalist, I discovered an unquenchable need to tell your story through tiny square frames. You know I’ma need to tell yours too. Like, now.  

So, how do I fit in? I'll be the one laughing and crying with you throughout every moment of your day (probably crying even if you’re not). Don't worry, the tears have never affected my shooting abilities. Documenting all the memories that you don't realize you have until you look back at your photographs is what I’m here for. You know, remembering things/moments that didn't even register during the busyness. Like the moment you’re walking to your other half for the first time that day, or the pastor’s kid who danced circles around all the other guests, or one with that friend or family member you never thought would make it to the celebrations...those moments that will live on for years to come. 


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