8 Wedding Films

Quality over quantity. 8 Wedding Films are captured and edited with an incredible amount of passion for the craft. The craft of creating a film that will become a treasured part of your visual legacy. 8 Wedding films specializes in modern wedding videography / cinematography with a touch of vintage / bohemian flavor. Colorado based, but available worldwide for destination weddings. 

I started out filming outdoor sports, specifically mountain biking. Every film was a learning experience, and I sincerely enjoyed every opportunity to begin a new project. One day a friend enthusiastically shared with me a wedding film that she saw online. It was like nothing I had seen before. My idea of a wedding film was a stack of VHS tapes exhaustingly documenting the entire wedding day via a camcorder on a tripod. A film that very few people were anxious to watch, let alone devoting the next 4 hours to. In contrast, the film I was shown, was engaging! A synopsis of the day encapsulated in about 5 min, and even though I did not even know the bride and groom I felt somewhat connected to what they and their guests were feeling. At that moment I realized I wanted to be a part of making these films. I spent the next year learning and perfecting my own technique. I genuinely enjoy the process, and it gives me great joy to deliver a film to the bride and groom that means so much to remembering one of the most important days of their lives.

You put a lot of trust in your wedding videographer. After all, your trusting them to capture your first steps, first kiss, tear, and dance as husband and wife. Being authentic is the key. Authenticity is a rare commodity, yet achievable if you have a videographer that can wear several hats. A friend, a professional, a piece of the background. My name is Austin, and I always bring three hats to every wedding.

I have three packages that are completely customizable with package add ons. I am also unique to other videographers in that I offer an add on called the slo-motion video fun booth. It is a fantastic place where laughter ensues. To be specific, the level of laughing where your stomach hurts afterwards. 8 Wedding Films sets up an area with proper lighting, a slow motion camera, and silly props. The footage can be replayed immediately afterward on a TV, and the footage is edited into a short film and delivered with your cinematic films. You can view examples of these films on my website.

If you have any questions please contact me via my contact form on the website and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

Telluride, Colorado
United States