Zoey's Perfect Wedding | Denver Center for the Performing Arts | Comedy

January 19th - February 25th

Say “I do” to disaster

The blushing bride. The touching toast. The celebration of true love. These are the dreams of Zoey’s big day…and the opposite of what it’s turning out to be. Disaster after disaster follow her down the aisle, from brutally honest boozy speeches to a totally incompetent wedding planner. Even worse, her friends are too preoccupied with their own relationship woes to help with the wreckage around them. Like a car crash you can’t look away from, watch in awe as this wildly funny fiasco yields to the realities of commitment, fidelity and growing up.

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Space Theatre at the Denver Performing Arts Complex‚Ä®
14th & Arapahoe Street
Denver, Colorado
United States

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